I love crafts, especially those I can do for every holiday.


This pictorial tutorial shows you exactly what you need to do.

I like the coffee cup concept with the saucer, too. I may want to experiment with a wine glass or other glassware and also kitchen or other household objects that would be special to you, a member of your family or for whomever you’re making this “centerpiece” or the holiday or celebration.

We’re approaching fall and Halloween. You could use a witch’s shoe or a plastic pumpkin or plastic cauldron or even a plastic skull . . . I’m sure you could think of something else. And, of course, you could be thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year.

You can add whatever you desire to the “plate/saucer” and use artificial leaves or other foliage that fits your holiday theme to cover the fork. I would truly love to make a miniature scene using small figurines for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. There could be artificial snow to cover the fork handle and the fork on the saucer. I may want to use a brandy snifter to spill out the pieces that magically are later placed in the saucer scene. It could be people being poured out of the snifter or elements such as trees or whatever fits the particular holiday.

The flowers and eggs do work out nicely with this concept, but I believe it is worthwhile to create something for the other holidays — it would definitely be a challenge. I’d have to do a lot of experimenting to see what looks and feels right for me. I’m confident something would work, it will just take a bit of trial and error to make it work.

I hope this pictorial tutorial was helpful and gave you considerable food for thought. I’ll be thinking about it and gathering various objects to see what would work for the concept I have in mind.

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