Jill worked the night shift at a convenience store.

There were gas pumps and a car wash.

Right at midnight, every night the car wash would start . . . but there was no car . . .

The manager thought it might be a timer he wasn’t aware of, so he checked it out. Nope! No timer . . . just the detectors when a car came through the door.

Of course, Jill thought of a phantom car which creeped her out. She was busy with customers and restocking as necessary. She knew when the shifts at the hospitals and nursing homes changed there would be some hungry customers. They would fill up on gas, but rarely used the car wash.

Jill was going through her normal routine when there was a lull in business . . . washing down the front of the walkway, sweeping up any debris, emptying the trash barrels, etc.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a black hearse ease its way into the car wash.

It didn’t seem solid to Jill . . . it was a dark shadow shaped like a hearse . . . She was the only one there at the time, too scared to move . . . but her body and neck tried to have a look inside the car wash.

When a customer came in with a half dozen kids, Jill went back in the store.

“You’re out late . . .” Jill said as she rang up the purchases.

“Yes, we had a fun day at the zoo,” the woman answered. “My husband should be in shortly, he’s filling the car with gas.” She left with the kids.

Jill watched as the woman got the kids in the mini van. The man’s attention was drawn to the car wash. He finished pumping the gas and quickly got into the mini van and drove away. He paid at the pump, so it wasn’t as though he was leaving without paying . . . but something spooked him . . . and it had something to do with the car wash.

She told Rick, the night manager what had happened.

He confirmed that something strange was happening. He saw what looked like an old-fashioned undertaker in a black suit walking out in the field with a shovel. Rick said it was clear . . . but it wasn’t . . . The man looked right at him, he nodded and gave him a strange smile before taking off in the field with the shovel . . . That was when the apparition was wispy and not as clear.

Rick was shaking from his experience, but when the customers were coming at a steady pace, he settled into work and was greeting the regulars and helping them in record time.

Jill was busy, too . . . but she still wondered about the hearse and the mortician . . . 

She did some research in the library the next day and discovered that over a hundred years ago there was a mortuary on that property. The county bought the land to enlarge the road.

From the old photographs, the carriage house was located where the car wash was built.

That was evidently residual energy that repeated an event over and over again . . . But what doesn’t fit is that the mortician saw Rick and nodded to him . . . and maybe to the man in the mini van . . .

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