But it seems too real — I heard it . . . and so did my precious Yorkie.

I bought some “ghost hunting” equipment.

Nothing fancy, just some tools to discover who and/or what is in my house.

It’s one thing to be aware of “ghosts” in my house and another thing to have it confirmed electronically with an EMF meter and also a Spirit Box.


The thing is . . . 

I received one box from Amazon Monday and another one on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s box with the Spirit Box wasn’t supposed to be delivered until next week . . . but there it was on my front porch near the door.

I did not open Monday’s box . . . I decided to wait until the rest of my order arrived . . . Well, it did . . . But I still haven’t opened either box yet.

I’ve been hearing a lot of activity in the living room, where I left the unopened packages. The activity really picked up when I left the second package. All Tuesday night and into the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I’ve heard scuffling around.

I am wondering if they (the spirits in my house) are anxious for me to open the boxes so they can communicate with me . . . or they just don’t like having unopened boxes around . . .


I am eager to use my Spirit Box . . . 

But since I wasn’t expecting it until next week, I’m not quite ready for it.

I guess you could say I’m not ready to have a confirmation of what is in my house with me.

Maybe the problem is that I’ve watched too many YouTube Video and Scary Movies lately. I thought this would be good preparation . . . but in reality I’m a bit nervous about it . . . and want to prepare myself for a wonderful experience . . . not something disappointing . . . or downright wet your pants or run out of the house screaming scary!!

It would be awful not to get anything . . .

I was planning on setting up my video camera and recording my first session with the Spirit Box.

I am aware I may need to play it back several times before getting a clear EVP.

Or I may just use my audio recorder . . . I was also planning on having a series of short sessions . . . Especially since I’m learning to use the equipment.

Of course I’ll be burning some sage and say a prayer for protection.

It seems as though I’m making a major production out of it . . . but I don’t want to miss out on any messages — thus my anxiety and not opening the boxes.

Well . . . that’s my current Real Ghost Story . . . Oh!! By the way . . . I set one of my boxes next to the love seat and the second on the love seat. When I walked into the living room both boxes were gone . . . They were moved to the dining room table . . . still unopened . . .

I guess all that scuffling around was moving the boxes . . . I do wonder why they didn’t open them . . . That may be one of the questions I’ll be asking them when I’m ready to hold my first session.

Thanks for stopping by!!