Halloween would not be complete without Jack Skellinngton hanging on your door. He can hang indoors or outdoors depending on your decorating pleasure. It doesn’t have to be your front door or back door, but any door in the house. Or you may prefer to hang him on a wall. I doubt Jack would mind as long as he shares in your Halloween Fun.

You know his likeness is going to adorn cupcakes and cookies. For some reason his mug gets into something I make for Halloween. The kids absolutely love him and, of course, we have to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, too. He is quite a dapper gent and would look great wherever he hangs.


Image and Free Printable Compliments of http://www.spoonful.com

You can download Jack Skellinnington on either plain paper or cardstock. I prefer cardstock because his arms and legs are so skinny, but you decide what is best for you.

I hope you and your family enjoy having Jack around this Halloween.