My Ghost Hunting Group met at our favorite coffee house the other morning.

Many of them keep a journal of their paranormal experiences. I don’t keep one and neither does my friend Barbara. We usually remember our experiences when prompted by another member who shares something or asks a question. Maybe this blog is my paranormal journal of sorts.

My experiences seem to repeat from time to time. For example, there’s a place where I pick up “ghosts” in my car. This is the route I take to go to the bank and to the vet. This particular corner seems to be where they hitch a ride. I don’t especially like it, because they seem to suck the air out of the car. I open the windows and the moon roof to bring more air in. I’m also hoping the added air will suck them out. They don’t need to hitch a ride with me. They can get where they want to go on their own.

I did share this experience at one of our gatherings and others have experienced the same thing on this same corner and also when they leave the cemetery.

Spirits do attach themselves to you.

That’s why it’s a good idea to let spirits know they can’t hitch a ride with you, especially when you’re on your way home.

I know on my recent trip to the vet, I had a few spirits with me. For one, my little Yorkie was barking and growling at something that wanted to get in her seat. She was having no part of it. For two, before we walked into the waiting room, several dogs were barking and whining. I just hope they don’t connect the mayhem with me –I may be looking for another vet.

I do tell my hitchhiking ghosts to get out and not to follow me, but they do what they want. Some follow others out the door and hitch a ride home with someone leaving the vet’s office. Or they go to the various examination rooms snooping around and causing havoc.

I’m wondering if these spirits just want to have fun or if they are looking for a place where they can be comfortable. I always make it a point to drive by mortuaries so they have a chance to find their way to the light and go where they belong, but who am I to say where they belong.

Carla has been plagued by a ghost.

“It started when I was a little girl,” she began. “We were on a camping trip with my aunt and uncle and cousins. We had separate tents — one for each family, but I wanted to be with my cousin, so I was allowed to set up my sleeping bag next to hers.”

After dinner, sitting around the campfire, Carla’s aunt told of a ghost of a little girl that has been with her her whole life. She sees her reflection in the mirror or in a window. It’s odd when she doesn’t see her from time to time.

Carla’s mother remembers that little girl and when she first attached herself to her sister.

“I remember when you were having trouble at school,” Carol said.

“Yes,” Candy said with a faraway look in her eyes — remembering.  “I remember when these boys used to follow me around and tease me. Sometimes they would push me. I don’t know why they targeted me to pick on, but it was horrible.”

This little ghost girl was able to knock them down and kick sand in their faces. Instead of this helping Carla, it made me more angry and escalated the situation.

“Come to think of it,” Candy said, “This little girl was not helping me at all.”

But as the story goes, this little girl had been taunted years earlier by another group of boys who were responsible for her death. It was claimed to be an accident, but many believed it was murder.

Ruth Ann, the ghost girl, was a good student and a pretty girl. She lived on the poor side of town, but with the busing, she was assigned to that school along with a whole bus load of other kids. They may have been picked on, too, but Ruth Ann was the main target for this group of bullies.

Ruth Ann missed the bus one afternoon, because she was locked in the bathroom. By the time the janitor heard her pounding on the door and screaming, the bus had already gone without her.

She had no choice, but to walk home.

Rocks were thrown at her — it seemed from all directions. Ruth Ann took off running, but one hit her in the head. When she fell to the ground, the boys circled around her and continued throwing rocks. Some were grabbing at her clothes.

It’s a tragic story and days before DNA testing, but since those accused were from a “good family” and Ruth Ann was from the wrong side of town, nothing much was done about it.

Ruth Ann attached herself to Candy, Carla’s aunt to protect her from the bullies.

Why did she attach herself to Carla during that camping trip?

Carla was having a bullying problem at school. She was a good student and the girls and some boys were calling her a geek and other unflattering names.

It seemed over the years with Aunt Candy, Ruth Ann acquired more skills of protecting the human and seeking revenge upon the bullies. In the lunch room she became quite adept at exploding the catsup and mustard packets to soil the users shirt or blouse or to dump their food on the floor. She thought it great run to have tatter tots scattered in the path of the bullies and watch them slip on them while they were carrying a tray of food.

Eventually, the bullies stopped tormenting Carla, but Ruth Ann continued bothering them.

Carla and her aunt do see Ruth Ann from time to time, but she may have moved on to other children who are experiencing bullying. It may be Ruth Ann’s calling in her afterlife to help others and encourage bullies to change their ways.

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