I Absolutely Adore The Bird Crazy Die Set

Yes, it’s Sizzix and it’s a Tim Holtz die set.

You’ll need a Sizzix machine and some other items. To get started with scrap booking or creating your own cards and invitations . . . even whimsical gift boxes and tags . . . these birds could be your signature piece . . . they are so cool and will accompany you throughout the year . . . for every holiday and celebration.

Aren’t they adorable!!! They each seem to have their own personality . . . I don’t know if the designer Tim Holtz named these birds, but you can . . . They can be guys or gals . . . they can be all guys or all gals . . . once you buy them, they’re yours to embellish however you choose.

Are you excited?

I hope so. This is a wonderful adventure into die cutting, embossing, stamping, coloring and adding some creative touches to your new “friends.”

Like I said, you’ll need some other items to go along with this die set, but it is all well worth it. And, if you’re just beginning on your journey into scrap booking, paper craftings, etc. this is a great place to begin.

You’ll need a Sizzix Die Cutting Machine

Here are some examples. They will get the job done . . . I prefer the easier the better . . . but some people like to go for something a bit more fancy. It all depends upon what you want to do with your Sizzix. I’m into paper crafts and I don’t mind cranking the handle.

The Vagabond is electric with a forward and reverse button. Many people like it, especially those with shoulder problems. Now the BigShots, the gray and white one is The Sizzex Big Shot Pro Plus. It has a wider platform which accommodates more materials and saves time by using multiple dies at once.

It’s all a matter of taste as to which Sizzix cutter you need. I’ve found I cut out images individually because I’m using different paper for different parts. But, when I have several dies to cut out using the same paper, it would be nice to have a wider cutting area. Just as with the need for a wider printer . . . but that’s on my wish list.

And Now For The Fun:

There are stamps and another die cutting set of balloons, hats, ties, glasses . . . one or several of your birds could be a witch or an Easter Bunny . . . you can have some fun with this collection.

You may want to check out more cutting dies, ink pads, stamps and paper. Or just have some fun with these birds. It will spur your imagination in delightful ways.

Many people take their die cutter/embosser to crafting parties. They also take it on vacation to get in some relaxation and creativity. It’s always fun to have family projects that are enjoyable for all ages. You’ll be amazed by how creative your kids truly are . . . and don’t discount the adults . . . even seasoned citizens . . . it is a good activity for them to join in, too.

My friend, Julie has a thing for birds. She finds pictures and puts them in various settings. She’s going to flip over this collection.

Enjoy!!! I hope this was an informative post for you . . . and maybe got you moving forward with your craft projects.