A Windy Night With Gusts Of Wind Banging, Clanging And Going Bump In The NightWindy-Fall-Day1

Windy days have never been my favorite.

It has been blowing steadily for a couple of days and nights. I hear the train whistle off in the distance. Always a calming sound to me.

Our senses pick up more than we’re completely aware of on a daily basis. We may depend upon one more than the others.

You’ve heard how people with vision problems have a keen sense of hearing. Or those with hearing problems develop better visual acuity.

So do we depend primarily upon sight and hearing? What about the other senses of smell, taste and feel?

Which Of The 5 Senses Do We Need More Than The Others?

Sight and sound seem to be the main ones we’re aware of on a daily basis.

But a great chef depends upon taste and smell and then making their masterpiece pleasing to the eye.

Someone working with clay, wood or other medium may depend upon the feel of it as well as the look of it.

I was thinking our sense of touch is the least used, but as a child we were told repeatedly, “Don’t Touch!!” And many stores have a sign stated the same. So we see something we like and we have to touch it, hold it, and turn it about to examine it thoroughly. We can freely look and hear . . . hummm, what about tasting it?

Do We Taste A Brisk Autumn Day?

We definitely feel it.

We smell it and see the many changes and hear the rustling of the leaves as they dance down the street in the wind. Are we aware of tasting it? Tasting what is in the breeze?

Is would appear that we do . . . and does each season have a taste?

I mean the season itself. Not the food we associate with it . . . but just thinking of it brings to mind tastes. I can taste pumpkin pie without having a piece in front of me. Can you?

The memory works on our senses . . . We associate different people by certain fragrances . . . a fresh mowed lawn, the brink of a rain storm . . . a trip to the mountains, the desert or the beach . . . each plays on our senses in different ways.

Yes, So Many Questions

With answers only you can provide.

It’s all subjective.

We may share some similar feelings, sights, sounds, smells and tastes . . . but they are unique to our likes and experiences. And the triggered memories may be unique as well.

I love the smell of a wood burning fireplace. Another may dislike it. The same as oil burning stoves.

The wind brings many aromas with it . . . some good and some, not too appealing.

And the sound of the wind . . . could be interesting to some and frightening to others. The same with rain, thunder and lightning.

Certain music is appealing to many as well as appalling to many others. The same is true regarding different food. Our senses do play a role in many of our decisions of what to listen to, what to watch, what to eat and even where to live.

It does make me wonder if we’re using primarily only our five senses . . . or is a sixth sense at play as well . . . ever so slightly . . .

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, I’ve given you some food for thought.