Patty and her daughter, Heather of The G Team Paranormal Investigations were given a Mystery Basket by a friend.

They decided to open it while filming.

You can see for yourself that strange things were going on outside of Patty’s house. No simple explanation could be given for the events they experienced and recorded. There was something paranormal at play here.

What do you think was going on?

Some viewers thought it had a Dybbix sealed up inside. I don’t believe that was the case. These were the treasured possessions of the woman whose picture was in the metal pot.



I can understand the “curiousity” factor of wanting to know what is inside and also being “attracted” to the basket . . .

I had a similar experience with a pair of moccasins I found at an antique store specializing in Native American memorabilia.

The moccasins were high on a shelf at the back of the check-out stand. I zeroed in on them when I walked into the store. It was the strangest thing. I’m not actually sure why I went there — I wasn’t looking for anything in particular and a pair of moccasins was definitely not on my “must have” list.

But, to make a long story short, I inquired about the moccasins and was told, “You can have them, let me get a box for you.”

The man behind the counter went into the back room for a box . . . I studied the moccasins — I liked the beading on them — a beautiful pair of roses. But . . . there was something about the moccasins — they were used and almost worn out. 

I remember hearing how many Native American Tribes will burn the belongings of a deceased person after their death — no matter how valuable or sentimental certain items were to loved ones — everything would be burned.

Upon examining these moccasins, they should have been burned, not put on display . . .

I decided to walk out and leave the moccasins behind. But before I reached the door, the man returned with a box. He was saying, “You won’t believe this, but this is the original box the moccasins were brought in with. I remember it as though it was yesterday . . . but it was quite some time ago. I was told that someone, a woman, was going to come into the shop and ask about the moccasins and I was to give them to her free of charge.”

“Well . . .” I hesitated. “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want them.”

The man laughed, “Yes, yes, I was told you would say that, but they are meant for you.”

This really creeped me out!! If it was a scam, it was clever . . . but no way did I want anything to do with the shop, the man and definitely not the moccasins with the rose beading.

I ran out of the shop, got in my car and drove away as quickly and safely as possible.

Before going home, I stopped to  meet a friend and get something to eat. I told June of my strange experience with the moccasins and the strange man at the shop. She agreed that those moccasins should have been burned along with the woman’s other personal possessions — not given away.


Late that night, I heard a cracket at my front door — It sounded as though someone was trying to kick the door down . . . 

I opened the door . . .

Looked down . . .

And saw the moccasins with the red roses beaded on them . . .

I absolutely couldn’t believe it — they followed me . . . Buy why?

I seriously didn’t want to have anything to do with them . . . Obviously, they didn’t want to be set free . . . There was something I had to do for them.

I went into my backyard with the pair of moccasins and prepared my fire pit . . .

Yes, I was going to burn them — to set them free in a different way, perhaps for the deceased owner to use in her afterlife . . . or do just complete the job someone else was unable to do.

I placed them in my fire pit . . . said a little prayer, hoping I was doing the right thing . . .

I saw a beautiful orb come out of the ashes of my fire pit. I believe I did reunite the woman with her moccasins.

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