How fun is this!!!

Yes, those Peeps do get around on all kinds of fun and easy things you can put together.peeps-on-skateboards1

These are easy to assemble. And, yes, you assemble them. It’s something the kid can do.

I’m always amazed by what people think of making out of the cookies and candies and sprinkles they have on hand. It does seem like one idea leads to another and then another . . . could these skateboards be surf boards?

The bunny peeps are great, but you can use the chicks, too. They all want to have some “sidewalk surfing” fun this Easter.

Do you feel motivated to go out skateboarding? If peeps can do it, so can you . . . how about a hover board? Would that work for you?

With those orange starburst candies you can fashion the carrots and use the daisy sprinkles for the top . . . and on the wheels and on the peeps . . . you can use either Vienna cookies or Nutter Butter cookies . . . with some tubed frosting, you’ll be sticking the whole thing together in no time at all.

It would be fun to see what the kids put together with your ingredients. They can also make paper backgrounds to make some interesting scenes to go along with their cookie, candy and peep creations.

It’s all about having fun and making this Easter special.


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