I Love Paper Crafts!!PinTheTailOnEeyore

And paper crafts with a purpose . . . are even better.

Do you remember the classic game of “pin the tail on the donkey”?

Well, we’ve come a long long way from that . . . we can pin the tail on Eeyore or Bullseye. And instead of using pins or tacks we’re using double-sided tape.

It is still a fun game for children. Each tail has the name of the child on it so you’ll know which child got the closest to sticking the tail on Eeyore or Bullseye.

Toy Story’s Bullseye Pin The Tail activity for preschoolers is basically the same . . . but instead of having paper tails and double-sided tape, the tails are made from felt and the children can decorate them with all kinds of goodies like craft-foam shapes, pieces of cut paper, ribbons, buttons and stars, hearts or stickers.PinTheTailOnBullseye

The felt tails are glued on top of self-adhesive craft foam circles.

The children do need to be supervised during the “art” part of the activity as well as during the game. And it would be a good idea to print the name of the child on his/her creation. During the excitement of the game, they may forget which tail they made and all will claim the “winning” tail . . . but . . . it is wise to have participation prices for all of the children. And the winner of the game can wear a felt star or metal made by the teacher.

Just click the image and you’ll be taken to family.disney.com where you can print out the game.

These are free for you to print on your computer and use them for a birthday party or other celebration.

I remember not liking being blindfolded and then being spun around . . . but it was fun to stick the tail in my hand on the donkey. It was fun to watch the other children stick the tail on the head or off the paper.

I don’t remember getting prizes . . . it was the fun of the activity that counted. But that was a long long time ago. Times have definitely changed.

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