Tea Infusion 

Since I seem to be getting down to basics with French Press Coffee, I thought I’d have a go at making tea — infusing tea — loose tea — no tea bag . . . Kind of a cool concept. Moving away from the quick and easy way of doing things. There’s something about tea that brings out the Earth Mother in me . . . I’m quite curious about tea flowers . . .

I’ve Always Found That Pictures Are The Best Way To Describe A Product’s Best Features

Let’s Brew The Perfect Pot Of Tea

Place the stainless steel infuser inside the Half Moon Teapot. Choose your favorite loose leaf tea or bagged tea and add the desired amount to the stainless steel mesh infuser.

Slowly pour hot water into the tea infuser over the tea. Place lid on teapot and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes, to taste.

Slowly remove infuser from teapot and enjoy your perfectly brewed tea!

What Else Is There To Say?

Probably plenty. You can always click one of the pictures above or to the right to get more information — And order your very own Primula Half Moon Teapot.

You can have loose tea, tea bags and tea flowers to brew your wonderful pot of tea. I especially like the look of having tea flowers in my teapot when entertaining or when I’m in a particular celebratory mood. 

I plan to address tea flowers in my next blog post. It needs to be thoroughly explored.

I do thank you for stopping by!