Yes, I May Be A Bit Late With ThisR2-D2Printable

But a free printable is welcome any ol’ time as far as I’m concerned.

R2-D2 has always been a favorite Star Wars droid. And, right here, right now you can click the image and print it out. You’ll need to assemble it, but that’s fun to do. And then you can have your very own droid.

It’s a great craft for your kids . . . depending upon their age. Print out several and they’ll have plenty to make and share with their friends.

I know of several adults who would love to have one of these little guys on their desk or book shelf. It is a definite conversation piece.

Soon, all family and friends would be asking you where you got it . . . and if you could make one for them.

I do love these 3D images from they are colorful and great fun to print out and assemble.

I hope you enjoy this R2-D2 Paper Craft.