Since I’m in California, I’m going with the Raiders, but each snack helmet is similar — except for the logo and color.

These are great for your football fans!! They are a very attractive container for displaying your various game time snacks. And a wonderful way to cheer on your favorite team!RaidersSnackHelmet

Although this helmet is made of plastic, it is quality material. It’s made in the USA!!! It’s an officially licensed product. The trays are removable and microwavable and dishwasher safe.

This is a full-sized replica helmet with 2-compentment tray in the facemask and large bowl in the helmet. As you can see in the picture, it’s great for chips, dips, candy and even an ice bucket.

Everyone goes nuts about these helmets at tailgate parties.

And, your favorite college team won’t be left out . . . they have snack helmets for them, too!

Here’s one with a special shout out to my friend Melonie in Alabama!!!

I know how serious fans are of their team. My pictures are mere examples of what the product looks like — and, of course, it would look great with your team logo right there in your living room or on your tailgate.

The time is right to get your team snack helmet now while supply lasts. These helmets are selling like hot cakes in both the NFL and NCAA. I thank everyone who has purchased a helmet from me. You can do it by clicking a helmet and then searching for your team to buy it.

It’s my loyal visitors here who clued me in to these wonderful snack helmets. Thank you so much!!!

Leave me a comment letting me know how your feel about your team snack helmet.