Psychometry is the ability to read objects.

All of us have this ability to a degree.  We get vibrations that are either good or bad.  We just need to spend some time with an object and see if we receive any reaction to it.  It may make you feel happy, sad, or any feeling along the spectrum.

It is no different from walking into a room and instantly feeling uncomfortable. Or when meeting someone for the first time — you do get vibrations . . . a sense of whether you want to get to know the person or want to move on . . . and sometimes run!

I noticed a woman at my favorite antique mall put on gloves before handling jewelry. 

Some people think its to show respect to the jewelry and the prospective buyer.   In her case, she gets very emotional when handling some jewelry pieces with her bare hands.  In one case, there was an emerald ring with two small diamond baguettes on each side of the emerald. It was a pretty ring and just about everyone interested in jewelry wanted to see it, but after handling it, trying it on and studying it, each woman passed.

I was curious.

I asked to see the ring.  I held it for a few seconds.  I didn’t want to try it on.  Actually, I felt something bad would happen to me if I did try it on.  Obviously, it wasn’t right for me, but what about the other women.  I sought them out and asked them what they felt when they handled and put on the emerald ring.

Julie wanted to know what I felt before telling me her story.  The other women were interested to hear what I had to say, which was helpful — I didn’t have to run after them, they were all eager to tell their reactions.

I was brief.  I explained how I felt sad just handling the ring.  I knew trying it on was the next logical step in the process, but I became frightened that if I did put it on, something awful was going to happen to me.  I didn’t get anything specific just a warning not to put it on my finger.  It was almost as though I heard a voice saying, “You’ll be sorry if you put it on.” It felt as though the ring spoke those words.  I wasn’t going to question it or tempt fate.  I accepted the fact that the ring was not for me.

Julie said she, too, felt sad.  The other women agreed.  When Julie put it on, she knew it was a “promise ring,” but it was a promise that wasn’t kept.

“I don’t know why I know that,” Julie said, “I just know it to be true.  I was going to buy it for my daughter, but I knew it would bring nothing but trouble to her.”

Gloria spoke up next.  “I got a picture in my mind of a young girl who was gloating about the ring and who gave it to her and what it meant.  She was bragging that Phillip was her intended and the girl she was talking to would end up alone with a house full of cats for companionship.”

Gloria knew she wanted nothing to do with the ring and the previous owner.  “She was just too cruel in her manner and attitude.”

Pat was nodding the whole time Gloria was talking.  “I got the same mean spirited picture in my mind, but when I put it on, I got the image of this woman being hit by a car when she left the place where she was showing it off to the other woman.”

Connie was next to speak up.  “I felt strong and entitled when I picked up the ring.  When I put it on, I felt as though it would squeeze the life out of me.  I got scared and couldn’t wait to get away from it.”

Elizabeth, the woman who was showing the jewelry walked by our little group.  I stopped her and asked about the emerald ring.

“We’ve had it for quite some time.  I show it several times a day, but no one wants to buy it.  We’ve marked the price down, too.  I doubt we’ll be able to give it away.”

I asked her how she felt when she handled it.  She paused for quite some time before answering. “The first time I held the ring I felt sad.  There were other times I would feel revengeful, like I wanted to prove something to someone.  The last time I became so angry when the person I was showing it to didn’t buy it.  I almost shouted at the woman, telling her she was wasting my time and didn’t know a good ring if it fell in her lap.”

Elizabeth was disturbed by her mood changes/ That was when she started wearing gloves before handling jewelry.

Is it possible to read antiques?

Yes, definitely.  You read the account of five women who handled the same ring.  Did we get a clear reading?  I believe it was close enough.  Do we know the truth about the ring and who brought it in to sell it?

Yes, as a matter of fact.  Elizabeth went to look up the information about the ring. She called the owner who agreed to come to the antique mall and meet with us.

Cindy seemed anxious.  She was curious about our reaction to the ring and also wanted to disclose what she could about the ring.

“This ring was passed down in my family.  It seemed whoever came in possession of the ring had bad luck in love.  It’s like the ring is cursed.”

When Cindy inherited the ring, she immediately wanted it out of her house.  She brought it to the antique mall to sell along with other items.  As Cindy explained it, “My great-aunt Sue was killed in her late twenties.  She was coming out of a small tea room when she was hit by an automobile.  She was wearing the emerald ring at the time of the accident.  Family legend has it that the ring was a “promise ring” from a wealthy businessman by the name of Phillip.  At the time he was engaged to someone else, but he was going to break it off with the other woman and marry Aunt Sue.  Obviously, that didn’t happen.”

She went on to explain how Sue’s parents got divorced shortly after Sue’s death.  Then the ring was passed to the eldest niece who’s husband was killed in a hunting accident.  There was one tragedy after another.  Either the niece or her boyfriend or fiancée lost their life or the relationship went sour.  Once the ring was passed to another, it was like a curse that she would not find happiness.

Cindy didn’t want to chance it.  She had been married for 37 years and her four daughters were each engaged.  Cindy didn’t want the curse to touch her family.

Well, there’s the story.

Curse or coincidence?

Is there something to a self-fulfilled prophecy associated with knowing the history of the ring and the owner’s fate that these relatives put into motion?

Or was there really a curse placed upon the ring by “Aunt Sue” as she was dying from her injuries — or was she killed instantly — that we don’t know . . . but I do believe it may have something to do with “Aunt Sue’s state of mind prior to the accident.

I do wonder if the “curse” applied only to Cindy’s family or if it would be passed on to the new owner. It does seem logical that it would — especially because it was centered around the ring — and all the women who handled it and tried it on felt it . . . 

I don’t believe it was an actual “curse” placed upon the ring . . . unless “Aunt Sue” put one on it — or perhaps it was just her negative energy that lingers.

I’m curious about cleansing it and perhaps contacting “Aunt Sue” in a seance to learn more about the woman.

I can only imagine she wasn’t too kind — a bit selfish perhaps . . . and with her bitterness of dying young and not attaining marriage is delighted by the chaos she has created within her own family.

I honestly can’t imagine gaining any pleasure from that . . . Perhaps she did place a “curse” upon the ring. And by not knowing the “curse” it may be next to impossible to reverse it.

I don’t know. I would, however, like to hear your thoughts on the subject of “Aunt Sue” and psychometry. Please leave me a comment below.

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