I’ve been relaxing and thinking about what you take to our annual block party. Hors d’oeuvres are mentioned on the invitation. I can go to my local deli and order something for the occasion. I can bring candy as I’ve done before. I can also do something different. Which I think I will do.

    I do like these. They are a bit different. There’s also:  

     And also:

    That gives you a variety of antler styles. I believe a ribbon wrapped at the neck of the bottle is a nice touch, but as you can see it isn’t really necessary.

    They all require the same basic materials:

    • craft brown or red pipe cleaners
    • googly eyes
    • red pom poms
    • ribbon is optional
    • glue gun or glue of your choice
    • scissors are always useful

    If you need a video, I have one handy:

    Well, there you go! These are great as inexpensive gifts to give to friends, neighbors, your lawn and pool person, even the mail carrier. It’s all part of spreading Christmas cheer!