This is a board game the whole family will love.

It’s April 14, 1912, a cold night in the Atlantic Ocean aboard a titanic cruise ship that hit an iceberg. And, there’s Dr. Lucky who needs to be rescued.

Players rush from deck to deck searching for items that will help them in rescuing the good doctor. As the ship sinks, the game board gets smaller, bringing Doctor Lucky and the passengers together onto the remaining decks.

The game includes:

  • a full-color multi-piece game board
  • a deck of 96 full-color cards
  • a full-color rulebook
  • pawns, stands for 6 players and Doctor Lucky

The game is recommended for ages 13 years and older. It can be played by 3 to 7 players and takes about an hour to play. There is great replay value. It’s a fun game.

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