This is one scary pumpkin! If you dare, look closely and you’ll see pumpkin guts clinging to the skeleton rubs. You’ll need to save the insides of the pumpkin before carving the head. My concern is how is this going to smell. I’m also wondering what this would attract. I don’t know if I would want to set it out on my porch, maybe in the yard with gravestones and ghosts. I wonder if the squirrels would enjoy it, hummm.

I may opt for dry leaves. There is moss on his shoulders. This is truly a clever pumpkin-skeleton combination that I saw on Pinterest. I had to share it with you.


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There are no DIY directions, but the picture explains it all. I also believe the lights in the eyes are battery operated tea or votive lights. You could wedge something inside the pumpkin head to set the lights on or wire them around the neck of the skeleton.

Let me see if there are any suitable links to help you out with this project.

I’m sure the photo above and the options here have gotten your imagination in gear. I do like the idea of a pumpkin head, but . . . the guts . . .

I’ll keep bringing you interesting things, we have awhile before Halloween.

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