Sitting In Bars With Cake — An Amazon Original Movie

It’s quite an interesting concept and a truly heart-warming story! It’s about two best friends — one is more of a free spirit than the other, but this is what is so great and so wonderful about their friendship.

Then the unthinkable happens . . . This is a journey you’ll want to take in this movie — have a box of tissues handy.

Jane and Corrine are best friends. They work at Capital Records in Los Angeles. Jane has plans to go to Law School, but she loves baking cakes.

Corrine comes up with this wild idea of taking Jane’s cakes to bars in order to meet people and build Jane’s confidence. The plan is to bake 50 cakes in a year — one a week.

Amazon Prime Has A Wonderful Selection Of Movies And Series — Plus Amazon Originals

I Enjoy Selecting And Watching Movies As The Mood Strikes Me

I remember when I had the cable movie channels. I was stuck with their schedule and their selection. We did have the option of renting movies or buying the videos. I personally enjoy not having the clutter in my house. Yet I have a wonderful selection of movies and more available to me “on demand” with Amazon Prime Video.

I highly recommend you become an Amazon Prime Member — you’ll get more value than only movies, but this is something you need to check out and decide for yourself. I enjoy watching movies and series and documentaries, etc. on my laptop. I can sit in any place in my house and even out on my patio to view my movies or work on my websites. 

I enjoy my leisurely lifestyle. I do thank you for stopping by!