Snow Globe Terrariums | DIY


This is basically a pictorial do it yourself project. Yes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. To be honest with you, I’d thought about a project  similar to this, but now that I see them, I’m motivated to give them a try. I like the idea of these terrariums.  They do make a lovely display for every room of your house plus you could use either figures you’ve bought or paper crafts. I like the paper craft idea. With them being under glass, you won’t have small hands pawing at them. You won’t have artificial snow blowing about. This is a beautiful alternative to a traditional Christmas Village you may set up year after year. I do find these pictures quite inspiring. 

You can build your base with just about anything: 

  • artificial snow
  • seashells
  • angel hair
  • garland
  • tinsel
  • single color ornaments
  • river rocks
  • large Christmas lights
  • tissue paper
  • whatever tickles your fancy

You can place just about anything on top. This is an excellent idea for Christmas, but also for other holidays when you have the desire to decorate.

Allow your imagination to go a bit wild and have fun!