So many possibilities for decorating cupcakes . . . especially this summer to get your imagination in gear.

What do you think of when I say Summer?

I would imagination a day at the beach with an umbrella . . . and something deliciously cool to drink.


This may be what you had in mind. These little drink umbrellas are quite festive, but look closer. Yes, it looks like a deliciously cool drink in a coconut. You can make this by using a malt ball — you know those yummy chocolate malt balls — well just cut off the top a bit and add some flower sprinkles and a licorice lace piece for the straw. Now that was easy. You may even want to put two under this umbrella.

Now, let’s not stop there. Summer is fun in the sun . . . and for all of you into summer footwear fashion — this cupcake topper is definitely for you!


Have you figured it out? These are Pez candies with a flower sprinkle! Amazing, don’t you think. Well, you could combine the two, but it does look like you have a little party going on under this umbrella on top of your cupcake.

I thought these were exciting and wanted to share them with you. I can hear you thinking how this would be wonderful fun to decorate a cake . . . yes, indeed it would with you recreating a whole beach full of umbrellas and these little Pez candy flip flops running all over the cake top in search of a new umbrella party.

Have fun with these!

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