I Love A Rainy Day

Yes, It’s True.

Rainy days are truly a blessing.

It’s a time to relax and get into crafts. I did give you a wide variety of Disney Character Treat Boxes to make for your children.

And let’s not forget the Free 3-D Printable you can made of R2-D2 for all your Star Wars fans.

For many, rainy days bring up thoughts of Halloween . . . I don’t know why, but ghost stories and the like are a favorite on rainy days around my house. Also thoughts of all those urban legends you heard as a child or teen. There were lessons to learn from them . . . and the thought of them brings a cold chill down the spine.

Then, a rainy day is a good day to curl up with a nice book . . . a mystery is always my choice, but a romance may be more to your liking.

There are also videos you may enjoy. But crafts seem to win out for me.

What Kind Of Rainy Day Craft Do I Have For You?

Click The Lighthouse To Be Taken To The Download Page. And click here for the assembly instructions.

I love the haunted houses . . . especially if they have a story associated with them.

Ravensblight has a variety of 3-D haunted house free printables you can print out and make. Ray O’Bannon offers an interesting history to go along with most of his papercrafts.

This lighthouse is no exception.

According to Ray, all the previous lighthouse keepers have gone insane . . .

I don’t want to ruin the story for you. Be sure to think about it while you’re constructing this lighthouse . . . It stands 10-1/2 inches high and would be a wonderful addition to your Christmas or Halloween Village . . . or to have tucked away on a book shelf.

I find it inspirational in my office. I look at it and wonder . . . I think of all the other stories that are centered around a lighthouse . . . and Ray has some monsters you can add and you may want to add an old abandoned car . . . it’s always fun to add some added haunted accessories to make it more real and more captivating.

Click the image to download and print out the Cliff House. And don’t forget the Assembly Instructions

Oh yes, I did forget the Cliff House. It, too has a delightful history.

It is quite sad to see how it has wasted away over the years. The roof, the windows and the porch do give it quite a creepy, desolate feel. It is a miracle it hasn’t fallen down. But, in another decade or so, it may be just a memory.

These Spooky Offerings And Disney Boxes Are A Delightful Way To Spend Your Time On A Rainy Day

It’s good to keep busy and learn something new about Ravensblight. It is a website I visit often . . . but insofar as Ravensblight, the community . . . as a real place to live . . . uh . . . I think I’ll pass . . .

This reminds me of a haunted place in a movie I saw quite a few years ago. A family went off the beaten path to find this ghost town . . . and as with most movies, wished they hadn’t. There is something to be said about curiosity . . . maybe somethings aren’t worth finding out . . .

I just know . . . or I think I know Ray O’Bannon is having fun . . . and he’s created a wonderful collection of haunted toys that are free to print out and assemble . . . and he does warn you they are haunted . . . and he adds a history to go along with them . . .

I hope you’re enjoying your day and will take a look at the links I’ve provided.

Until next time,