Hasbro Gaming Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition

A Harry Potter Edition Of Clue!!

This is truly excellent for all the Harry Potter Fans — combining a great game with your favorite characters!! There’s no murder to solve, but there is a missing student you must find — It kind of feels like a great game of Hide And Seek with all the magical twists you would expect from the Wizarding World of Hogworts . . .

I have quite a few video presentations to share with you — obviously I wanted to learn as much as possible about the game before making a purchase . . . You can click the picture to the left to be taken to where you can order your copy today!

I Truly Couldn’t Pass Up On This Opportunity To Present Another Edition Of Clue — Yes, I Am A Bit Obsessed . . . And For Good Reason . . .

What do you think?

Do you want to learn more? There is more . . .

I’m intrigued . . . I want to see the game in action. 

I do love the way the board changes . . . Let’s see more . . .

Wow! The best way for you to get the true feeling for this game is to get your own copy and play with your family and friends.

I hope you’re as excited about this edition as I am!

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Hasbro Clue Game; Incudes The Ghost Of Mrs. White; Compatible With Alexa (Amazon Exclusive); Mystery Board Game

A Truly Upgraded Edition Of The Classic Board Game Clue

It’s excellent to be able to add another demension onto the beloved board game Clue — Alexa Compatable, but not necessary in order to play the game — You have the Ghost of Mrs. White . . . Depending upon her mood she may help you — will you trust what she says?

Can you outwit your opponents?

Let’s Take A Serious Look At The Game

We have 6 suspects: Mustard, Orchid, Scarlett, Green, Peacock and Plum.

Then we have the 6 weapons: Candlestick, Dagger, Lead Pipe, Revolver, Rope and Wrench.

And 9 locations: Ballroom, Billiard Room, Conservatory, Dining Room, Hall, Kitchen, Library, Lounge and Study.

You gather up your clues as you travel around the board . . . There is the element of luck involved with the roll of the dice . . . I think it all comes down to your deductive thinking and figuring it all out before your opponents.

Are you up to the challenge?

It’s a fun game for ages 8 years and older . . . An excellent family activity you can play anytime.

Check out my previous post for a video of How to Play and click the image above to get your very own copy of this outstanding Mystery Board Game.

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Silly Street — The Award Winning Game Review

Silly Street gets you up and moving and being creative and just plain silly.

This sounds like a fun game to have to play this summer!

The game consists of:

  • 1 40 inch puzzle board
  • 55 silly cards
  • 4 wood game pieces
  • 1 cotton storage bag

This is an excellent game for building confidence, communication skills and uses imagination to continue moving down Silly Street.

It’s a good family game for preschool and up. It’s a game grownups like to play, too.

The game begins by drawing a card and performing the action to move the game piece down the silly street game board. Some of the tasks include:

  • making up stories about characters in silly situations
  • finding and explaining things on the board
  • contests between players
  • acting out animals doing silly things

I do recommend this game for a fun family game night and for children to play together.

I usually can’t buy just one game, so here are some helpful links:

This should get things going on the right foot. I always liked playing games with the neighbor kids during the summer. We’d play on the front porch and sometimes indoors, but we had a great time being outdoors and playing a variety of games. This might be a fun summer tradition to begin in your neighborhood.

Or maybe a regular family game night is something you’re into or would like to begin. I enjoyed playing card games with family as a kid and as an adult. It’s a fun way of spending quality family time.

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Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game Review

Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game — The Family Game of Infinite Storytelling — 5 Ways to Play

I love story telling!

This game has won awards!! 5 Time Award Winner including Prestigious Dr Toy Award 2016 and Winner of the 2016 Scholastic Parent & Child Gold Star Toy Award.

Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game includes:

  • 24 Story Cards
  • 50 Game Pieces and a Story Bag

There are 5 ways to play:

  • Basic Game: One player reaches into the story bag and picks out 8 story pieces, one at a time. This player begins telling a Tall Tale using one of the pieces and continues on until all of the pieces are included in the story. Allow your imagination to go wild as you’re adding new elements to your story. There’s no scoring, just story telling.
  • World Tales: Follows the Basic Game directions. After selecting the 8 story pieces, draw one story place card and use that card as an environment for your Tall Tale. As you tell your story, place your story pieces on the story place card as they’re used.
  • Taller Tales: Choose a number 9 to 50. One player selects one piece from the bag to use in their story. Once that piece is used, that same player draws another piece which must be the next piece they use in their story. The story continues until the number of pieces chosen to use is completed. Story place cards may be added for more variations.
  • Group Tales: Each player draws two or more story pieces, thus dividing up the 50 pieces among the players. The first player chooses one piece they’ve drawn and begins the story using one piece in the tale and passes the story to the second player who continues the tale using one of his/her pieces. The story continues to pass from player to player until all have used up all of their pieces. Story place cards may be added for more of a challenge.
  • Marathon Tales: It’s like Taller Tales, but the number chosen is always 50 pieces. It can be one story teller or can be like Group Tales where the story travels from player to player. Story place cards may be added.

And, since this is your game and your players you can make up your own rules! Once you learn the Basic Game you can make variations — depending upon the age group.

This game is great for 4-year-olds and up.

You can even add more pieces to your story bag: little plastic toys or trinkets. This will make the story more personal to you.

This is a wonderful game allowing children to use their imaginations.

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Save Doctor Lucky Board Game Review

This is a board game the whole family will love.

It’s April 14, 1912, a cold night in the Atlantic Ocean aboard a titanic cruise ship that hit an iceberg. And, there’s Dr. Lucky who needs to be rescued.

Players rush from deck to deck searching for items that will help them in rescuing the good doctor. As the ship sinks, the game board gets smaller, bringing Doctor Lucky and the passengers together onto the remaining decks.

The game includes:

  • a full-color multi-piece game board
  • a deck of 96 full-color cards
  • a full-color rulebook
  • pawns, stands for 6 players and Doctor Lucky

The game is recommended for ages 13 years and older. It can be played by 3 to 7 players and takes about an hour to play. There is great replay value. It’s a fun game.

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