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Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition Compact Trivia Game for 2 or More Players, 600 Trivia Questions, Ages 8 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

I’ve always loved board games and Trivial Pursuit is one of my favorites. It does work well with all age groups.

And now with Harry Potter, I’m really having a great time!

This is a compact travel game. There is no game board. The object of the game is to collect 6 cards in order to win.

The questions for this particular Harry Potter game edition focus on the movies. It would be interesting to have a major family Harry Potter movie night binge session . . . could last a whole long weekend . . .

As you will see in the video below, there is a quick version you can play and you can change how you play to work well with the group of family and friends with whom you’re playing.

That is truly the beauty of board games — you can adjust the rules to make it a fun experience for all players.

Let’s Take A Look At This Edition In Action!

How well did you do? To be honest with you, I’m a bit rusty on my Harry Potter trivia and I would definitely take my earlier suggestion to take several days to binge watch the Harry Potter series.

How Silly Of Me To Forget The Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Collection

Many of you may have been collecting them over the years. I know my brother has. It was, however, unfortunate that he discovered one of his discs had a bad scratch on it, making it impossible for him to watch it. Now, he was able to replace that particular disc from Amazon. The stores had only the complete set available for sell and he didn’t need the whole set, just to be able to replace one . . .

That is truly the beauty of Amazon . . . having what their customers need and pretty much anticipating those needs . . . Well, maybe I went a bit too far there, but they do seem to have what we want when we most need it.

Now that we’re getting into the fall season, I would imagine my brother may be gathering up his Harry Potter 8-Film Collection to have a great time in that mystical wizardly world.

You may want to share that same experience with your family . . . and friends . . .

And afterwards, test your memory with one of the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Games . . .

USAOPOLY Trivial Pursuit World Of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition

Most likely I should review this in a different post, but to be honest with you, since I’m reviewing a Hasbro edition of a Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game, I’d be remiss in not mentioning the USAOPOLY Edition. This is also based on the movies . . .

There are 1800 questions!! There is a game board and what really knocked my socks off are the game pieces!

Let’s Take A Look At What’s Inside The Box

Well . . . What’s Your Pleasure?

We’ve shared two Trivial Pursuit Game Editions with you featuring Harry Potter . . . One by Hasbro Gaming and the other by USAOPOLY . . . And, if you need them, the Complete 8-Film Collection of the Harry Potter movies which are extremely important when playing these two trivia games — since they’re both based on the movies . . .

Oh yes, I also shared the Classic Edition of Trivial Pursuit in a picture collection above — just in case you don’t have it or misplaced it or one of your friends or family borrowed it and never returned it . . .

Not that it matters, but I’m truly leaning towards the USAOPOLY Edition. I do love those game pieces!!

I’m also truly looking forward to celebrating the coming of the Fall Season by binge watching the Harry Potter series . . .

But, that’s just me . . . I do thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to spend here reading this . . . And making a purchase . . . I also have a very favorite game I’ve reviewed here before — one you may already have or is on your list to buy . . . You can check out that post here . . .


Halloween Charades

Anton Publications Halloween Charades — the perfect Halloween Party Game

This original charades game has characters from your favorite Halloween Horror Movies and Halloween TV Shows.

This Halloween themed charades game is great for the whole family.

It’s not too scary. Place the Halloween Cards in a bowl and start having some fun.

You’ll be guessing your favorite classic and modern Halloween Movies, TV Shows and spooky Halloween Characters from Wizard of Oz and Hocus Pocus to Friday the 13th.

If charades aren’t your thing maybe you would like:

You may also like:

I could include some jig saw puzzles, books and more games, but you can click any of the links and shop for the items you want for this Halloween season.

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What A Beautiful Day!

The sun is shining and the birds are singing.

It is a beautiful summer day!DisneyGangClipArt

I’ve been working on some scrapbook projects and going through pictures. I do love all the Disney characters I grew up with . . . and some new ones. I have been going through clip art and coloring book images just for fun and to add to my scrapbook pages to give them some fun . . . and we all know Disney equals fun!

Well, we have Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Pluto just kicking back. I think they may be waiting for the fireworks to start . . . but that won’t be until tomorrow night . . . or is it the BBQ feast they’re waiting on?

I know at my house we’re BBQ-ing up a storm. We just can’t get enough of that char-broiled flavor in our meat and vegetables.

And, yes, as the BBQ is cooling down, we bring out the fixings for s’mores.

There are those who would prefer to have a nice refreshing root beer float to top off the end of a beautiful day. I love root beer floats . . . done the old-fashioned way . . . just a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream in a mug of root beer. It is refreshing and oh so filling!

I usually start out small with a little ice cream and root beer . . . then add more ice cream and root beer . . . if I have room for a bit more. And you can always share your root beer with someone else . . . one can is more than enough for two root beer floats. At least at my house. You may do something quite grand with yours.

A beautiful summer day spent with friends and family is wonderful. Lots of conversation and plenty of activities to keep the kids happy and entertained. Maybe we’ll have a scavenger hunt before nightfall . . . I like doing it like an Easter Egg hunt. I hide things around the yard and take pictures of them. Then I cut up the pictures and mix them all up . . . the kids need to put the pictures together in order to find the hidden objects.

It is fun and a bit challenging. With everyone working together, the objects are found and the kids decide which one they want to keep. I usually have board games, card games and puzzles that I hide. Then we can close out the evening playing those games.

I love having family game nights. Kids can play together. Adults can play together. We can all play the games together. That is usually the best, but sometimes it’s good for kids to learn how to cooperate and settle their own disputes.

If this sounds like fun, here are some games you may enjoy playing with your family and friends during this summer season:

I could go on and on . . . but this will get you started. Just click one of the links and your adventure is on to finding the right board and card games to play with your family and friends.

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Have a safe 4th of July!