Free RavensBlight Eye Catcher

Ray O’Bannon has been busy at RavensBlight creating new papercraft toys for his visitors.eyecatcher1-1

One caught my eye . . . an eye catcher . . . Which is actually catching an eye on a strong . . . A fun hand-eye-coordination thing you may enjoy making for your family . . .

Click the image on the right to be taken to the PDF to print out. Click Here for the assembly instructions.

cleavergolf1I do like the eye and may use it in other projects . . .  Be sure to check out Ray’s other toys . . . He has a fun golf game that may get you right into the Halloween spirit . . .

To me it seems more like a variation to croquet, but Ray can name his game whatever he prefers. There are so great eyes again . . . Can you imagine terrifying your friends and family by bringing out this Cleaver Golf game?

Click the image on the left for the PDF. Here are the Cleaver Golf assembly instructions.

These may be a great hit at your Halloween party. I think I may make up a bunch of those eyes and put them in a big bowl . . . I wonder about a friendly game of pool . . . or perhaps put little treats inside . . . A little jingle bell may be a nice touch . . . For the eye-catcher, too.

I believe Ray O’Bannon is a clever artist . . . His games and images go to the mysteries of the paranormal . . . His does give a colorful history of how this golf game was created . . . yet it does play a bit more like croquet with the hoops . . . and the cleavers . . . but I’m not going to argue with the creator of this game, I just delighted he has these free to print out and make.

Although I may be feeling a bit creeped out at the moment, I do hope these Ray O’Bannon games will find a place in your home in which to play . . . I did want to give you something fun to have for the official opening of this fall season.

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