The Story Of Halloween

    This History Channel Documentary I found quite informative and thought it important to share it here.

    Bats, witches … plus traditions and legends that led to our celebration of Halloween.

    I found this documentary very informative and I hope you agree. I especially like the idea of how Halloween is much tamer than in years past. It is a time for children and adults to dress up in costume and go door to door trick-or-treat-ing or going to parties.

    There is definitely something fun about going out after dark . . . and getting a scare or two . . . but it is all in fun without the destructive mischief of the past.

    I also found it interesting how costumes have evolved … They are quite involved … and quite expensive as well …

    Have a safe Halloween with your family and friends.

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    Autumn Is In The Air

    This morning was a bit chilly with the temperature reaching 80° F later today.

    There are only a few days remaining of summer.

    We’re passing into another season and getting closer to some major holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then the New Year. It all seems to be coming quickly.

    I do wonder if you’ve had the opportunity to get your Halloween costumes or whether you’ve planned your All Hollow’s Eve Party . . . maybe you’re thinking of a theme for your party . . . or having one that is family friendly — maybe there are some DVD’s you’d like to have available for your guests to watch. Something fun and not too scary for children.

    I do love Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I enjoyed the Disney cartoon version. 

    It is a wonderful story that I read every year.

    I’m always figuring out a different ending for it. I do so want a happy ending.

    Well, let’s see what Halloween DVD’s are available for us to watch and enjoy:

    I do love Scooby-Doo and these are fun for all ages. But I do wonder what else would be fun and appropriate. Maybe . . .

    These are all family friendly, but you may have something else in mind. Just click one of the links and go off exploring for the DVD’s you and your family and friends would enjoy watching.

    It is never too early to begin shopping for Halloween and planning your Halloween get together.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    That seems like a nice variety. Great for your guests and for the trick-or-treat visitors.

    Please do your shopping online with me 🙂

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    Let’s Think Fall

    With the August heat, thinking about fall is refreshing.

    I enjoy thinking ahead for fall decorating and I’m even open to Christmas decorating. Now is the perfect time to be looking ahead.FallTree

    I enjoy the different seasons of the year . . . fall being my absolute favorite. I love thinking about the falling leaves and the pumpkins and that slight nip in the air. The transition from summer to fall is always exciting for me.

    When I saw this fall tree, I thought it was perfect. A great project to get started thinking about. Gathering up all kinds of goodies that represent the season to me. Pumpkins, candy corn, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns . . . witches, scarecrows . . . muffin tins, pie tins . . .

    I’m sure your tree would be unique. Just as mine may be, too. I don’t think “gingerbread” men cookies, but I’m not one to criticize. I might want more cooking utensils and maybe an old hat and boots . . . a few of my favorite books that represent the season . . .

    Such a fall tree could go through the process of the kids starting back to school and then moving into Halloween and moving into Thanksgiving. I wonder if this tree would make the transition into Christmas . . . something worth thinking about.

    Fall is a process. It’s a time of harvest . . . so there would be corn and pumpkins along with other fruits and vegetables. There may be scarecrows and black crows . . . maybe a raven . . . skeletons and who knows what represents fall to you.

    Fall is an interesting transition period. It seems to be as colorful as spring .  . yet in a different way. It offers two celebrations . . . Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both times of pumpkin pie and other sweet treats. Caramel corn, caramel apples . . . dressing up in costumes to run around the neighborhood . . . maybe getting scared by someone coming out of the darkness . . .

    We do see school buses and children walking to school carrying books or wearing backpacks. It’s a new school year . . . trying out new recipes of pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins and apples — baked and put in pies and cakes and cookies.

    The trip to the pumpkin farm is always delightful . . . picking out the right pumpkins to carve for Halloween . . . Then picking out your costume . . . and the planning of your own Halloween party . . . or one for the kids . . .

    Fall is definitely an exciting time of year.

    And during this latter part of summer we’re preparing for the children to get ready for a new school year. Some of you may be planning the last vacation of the summer. Hopefully, you’ll be visiting family and they will be visiting you. It’s fun when all the cousins get together.

    Family is wonderful. It’s great to spend time with them . . . Taking a bit of a break from all our busy routine to relax and enjoy the company of family we haven’t seen in awhile. This is usually great for all concerned.

    It’s a time to discover that you do have more in common than you once thought. That’s why these times between holidays are important to get together. It can be much more relaxing and casual.

    This would also be a great opportunity to collect items for your fall tree . . . things from your summer vacations and things you learned from loved ones. It is all part of you and what these seasons and holidays represent for you and your family. We are definitely a product of our ancestry.

    These are just some thoughts.

    It’s important to take a moment out of our daily schedules and think about fall and other seasons. It’s also good to observe how others view the season and what the stores stock up on and what may be missing . . .

    I’m always looking for things that aren’t usually stocked . . . but they have plenty of other stuff I have no interest in at all. Do you find that, too.

    Enjoy your remaining days of summer . . . and recognize how fall is creeping up on us . . .

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    Halloween Contradiction

    Are You A Good Parent?HalloweenQuote

    You practice what you preach, right?

    At least to the best of your ability. You want to give your children life enriching experiences that allow them to grow into intelligent, productive adults.

    But . . . no matter your good intentions children can be a bit confused about Halloween and going door-to-door to get candy.

    The quote may be an extreme example. It is also pretty far from the truth. We usually guide our children to do their trick-or-treating within the neighborhood where you pretty much know everyone.

    You’re giving your children a safe Halloween experience where they can dress up in costume and go out in the night with lots of other children to collect a variety of candy.

    Halloween Is A Fun Neighborhood Experience

    I like sitting on my front porch to hand out candy.

    That way I’m outside enjoying the night air and seeing the kids with their parents walk up to get their candy. I love the sounds of shuffling feet, the voices of exclamation when they see the various lit jack-o-lanterns and laughter when they’re startled by an animatronic witch that cackles as they approach the front door.

    I can feel that anticipation when a group of children ring the doorbell across the street.

    I love the costumes, the excitement and enthusiasm of the children running around with friends and family to collect a bag full of candy.

    It is an event I look forward to each year. I usually don’t dress up, but it’s fun to see families all dressed up. Adults have as much fun as the kids.

    It’s a way for adults to relive their childhood through their children.

    It’s A Fun Fall Activity Where Adults Give Candy To The Children Of The Neighborhood

    Most holidays are about friends and family and done behind closed doors.

    Halloween is a neighborhood activity. It’s where young and old come together to share an annual event of adults giving candy and children graciously receiving it.

    I know many people don’t buy in to the concept of Halloween with the sinister overtones.

    I choose to think of it as the one time of year when a neighborhood shares. And all lives are enriched by the couple of hours of handing out candy and seeing hundreds of costumed children having a great time filling their bags with candy.

    I Think Of Halloween As A Prelude To ThanksgivingDTDM1

    It’s a way of being thankful we live in a nice neighborhood and are given the opportunity to share candy with others.

    I’m thankful for the many families that go through the effort of buying costumes for their children and taking them out to collect their bag full of candy.

    I’m as delighted as the children by their laughter and enthusiasm. It brings back memories of those carefree days of youth.

    And as I sit waiting for the next swarm of excited trick-or-treating children, I can count my blessings.

    This will be my precious Diva’s first Halloween with me. I want her to be safe, that’s why I’ll sit on the front porch with her instead of having children ring the doorbell. This way we can see who’s coming to the door and don’t have to listen to the sounds outside . . . we can see and hear them coming.

    I know my other pets enjoyed sitting on the front porch on All Hollows Eve and I believe Diva will be equally joyous and thankful to participate. Last year we took a little walk around the neighborhood after all the trick-or-treater were gone. Porch lights were still shining brightly . . . the slight nip in the air . . . and the silence . . . except for the echo of our footsteps in the still night air.

    I remember it was a bit eerie . . .

    Have a safe and fun Halloween!



    What’s Next?

    WIN_20150702_160411 (2)

    There are always holidays anticipated . . . and gone . . . What’s next?

    Nothing more in July, then nothing in August . . . unless Back to School is a major concern on your radar and To Do List . . . maybe a vacation is in the works . . . maybe a camping trip or visiting friends and family . . . Labor Day in September . . . Columbus Day in October and of course, Halloween . . . is it too early to go with Halloween? Why am I asking, I’ve been putting in all kinds of Halloween or fall related stuff in here. It does take time to get some projects completed in anticipation of Halloween or any special holiday to you. Some people anticipate Christmas all year round . . . this is their thing . . . just as with any other holiday we find of special significance to us. Some people who find the 4th of July special may be right now planning for next year’s 4th of July bash.

    Diva has something to say about the 4th of July:

    After the 3 A.M. wake-up call yesterday. The day went pretty normally except for the goodies cooking on the BBQ. I was in great aromas heaven. By the time the boom-booms started up again I was tired and was getting some well deserved nap time. I was right next to Mom the whole time and she told me everything was all right and I was safe and I could rest . . . so I did. I would look to make sure Mom was still there. She was busy working on something, so if she wasn’t concerned, I didn’t need to be either. So I slept while Mom was in charge. All I can say is that the 4th of July is a great day for America. I am an American, too. I was born right here in the good ol’ USA. It’s all about Independence and America’s birthday. I learned about birthdays with my first one just a while back. I got a couple of new toys for my birthday that had napping time with me. So with the great 4th of July celebration, I learned about a new holiday. The best part is Mom and I celebrated it together. If it’s a holiday or just any ol’ day, I’m happy to be with my Mom . . .  . and I know she loves being with me . . . My little lamb has a squeaky inside that needs to be squeaked . . . 


     Maybe I should have changed the caption to read: Did I hear someone mention Halloween?

    I suppose it is never too early to work on different craft ideas or to begin thinking about Halloween costumes. That is a big deal. You do need to have a good idea early what you want before you get all confused by the variety of costumes.

    Depending upon the weather where you live, warmth and comfort are major factors besides being that something you want to be or your children want to be. I remember as a kid wanting to be comfortable. I didn’t like wearing a mask. I wasn’t too fond of having my head and face covered. Wearing make-up was better than wearing a mask. I liked to be able to see where I was going and I didn’t want to trip on my costume . . . especially going up and down steps. These are important things to think about with your costume selection. Now, if you’re just going to a party and not going trick-or-treating then your selection may be completely different. Sometimes it is fun to get your friends to dress up like you and do some song and dance routine. The Roaring ’20’s flapper costumes are great fun and the hair and make-up you can do. Then you can learn to dance the Charleston and everyone will be joining in the fun, too. I wonder if there are some costumes for that . . . When you get an idea, you have to act on it quickly before it spreads and there are no costumes available.

    Well, here are some ideas that you have plenty of time to work out. It’s important to get the right accessories. Definitely food for thought that may lead you in a completely different direction.

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