Easy Paper Craft Bunnies

Easter Is Around The Corner — It Would Be Great To Have A Fun Family Project . . . These cute bunnies are just the thing — you can put them on packages . . . decorate your dinner table — these would be adorable place setting cards . . . I’m sure you and your family will think of other uses for them as well.

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Disappointments and Challenges

There is always a degree of apprehension and anxiety when faced with change . . . along with disappointment, discouragement . . . which leads to challenges and looking for the positive . . .

For some, there may be a pay off to being unhappy, angry, disappointed . . . villagedwellingpieces

For others, in spite of disappointments, we look for the positive . . . the challenges within ourselves that we must face to accept not getting what we want to something not being what we thought it would be.

I was all into the concept of die cuts and how wonderful it would be to have a plain template . . . but then, having something ready-made seemed to appeal to me more . . . Allowing me to see where I was going . . .

And changing something to my liking from a ready-made printable seemed the easier way to go.gingerbreadhousebox

But, in truth, it all comes down to your personal comfort level.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by the pieces, as above, that didn’t seem to have a purpose . . . because I never put it together before . . . and it didn’t look like anything . . . But there are more possibilities for creativity and individuality with the die cut pieces than the ready-to-print-out-and-assembly Gingerbread House.

It does go together nicely and it does have all the icing and embellishments in place . . . The first one will look the same as the second . . . fifth . . . tenth . . . fiftieth . . .

There is no surprise there . . . unless I decide to alter it in some way . . . but such alterations may be much more work than if I started with a die cut template.

Yes, if I want, I could make the die cut elements above into a gingerbread house. I can add a wreath on the front door . . . I could make a fence of gingerbread children . . . I can cut out white window frames . . . and add some white “frosting” to the roof tiles . . . And candy canes . . .

Now look back at the first image . . . The die cut . . . 

You have a decision to make . . . What color card stock to do want for the body of the house . . . and for the roof of the house . . .

With the die, I had to decide at that point the colors and cutting the card stock and place it over the appropriate places . . . and later learned how I should have taped it down so it wouldn’t slip . . .

Yes, I was initially overwhelmed and a bit disappointed . . . But, it was all a matter of getting out of my way that I realized there was a learning curve for me . . . I didn’t like it . . . but if I wanted to create something different each time I made this Tim Holtz Sizzix Village Dwelling, I’d have some decisions to make . . . and it started with the first one . . . an experiment . . . and maybe several experiments until I got it right . . . 

I had to learn the die . . . and the Sizzix Big Shot . . . then assemble the pieces . . . and decide what else I wanted to do with it . . . add a different roof pattern . . . add a siding pattern . . . It takes a bit of trial and error . . . and some disappointment that it didn’t turn out as initially imagined . . . but it was all about learning . . . and facing each challenge head-on.

I was watching a movie yesterday about this mathematical genius . . . who really didn’t fit in with others . . . not understanding the dynamics of relationships . . . except those associated with numbers . . . He did learn how he missed out on things . . . and found he wasn’t “all that” . . . especially when it came to his relationship with his mother . . . And, in the end, after waiting for her son to respond to her . . . they learned how to communicate . . .

This gets me to a YouTube video I watched of an interview with an adult who had a famous mother . . . and the relationship they had . . . which wasn’t so much love . . . as respect . . . an admiration of her mother’s talents and abilities . . . It struck me a bit strange . . . Yet, many famous people may be incapable of love or conveying it to their children . . . It is all about them . . . their career . . . their life . . .

It’s all a matter of perspective . . . and how we deal with it . . . 

Life isn’t easy . . . we are faced  with challenges . . .  disappointments . . . successes . . . falldisney2

The same applies with crafts. The whole concept is to have fun  . . . to make something . . . So you get all the tools and paper . . . and find it isn’t as easy as it looks when watching someone else.

You can always throw in the towel and give up or pout and throw the whole thing in the trash . . . or realize it is a bit of a challenge and the first effort may not work out . . . or even the second . . . third . . . oh my gosh! fourth . . . But, each time, you get a bit closer to achieving your goal. Just know that there may be another failure after a success . . .  There are no guarantees.

There’s no guarantee that the more you work at it, that you will succeed . . . It depends upon your perspective of success . . . and respecting the tools for what they are . . . and recognizing their limitations . . . as well as your own . . . but having a determination to figure it out . . .

There are always these wise people who have these wise sayings . . . but we can never bring them to mind when we need them . . .  So, we need to rely on ourselves . . . depend upon ourselves . . . be gentle with ourselves . . . accept that we’re not perfect and things aren’t always easy . . . and alternatively, things aren’t always difficult . . . We may have cycles of success . . . and cycles of failure . . . but it’s just a cycle . . . and we have to go through it until the tide changes . . .

We control our thought, our actions, our feelings . . . there are some things we can’t change . . . nor control . . . but we can focus our perspective . . . we can look for the positive . . . strive to find something funny or different or interesting or unusual each day . . . Surprisingly, you’ll find it . . . because you’re looking for it . . . 

So, what we may be unable to do one day . . . we may be able to do the next . . .

This applies to all things in life . . . I know I throw a lot of concepts at you all at once . . . You may be wondering what I’m thinking . . . But, if you’ve ever had a conversation using Two Cans On A String . . . you miss some stuff and have to fill in the blanks . . . And, drawing the string of what connects life, movies, interviews and crafts together . . . is your challenge of filling in the blanks to make sense out of it for you . . .

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Oh! I almost forgot!! Click the image of the Gingerbread House on the left to be taken to a PDF you can print out, cut out and assemble. It’s a great treat/gift box.

September Is Finally Here!!!

Oh Yes!!! September!!!

Fall is on the horizon . . . even though the weather is a bit warm.Thanksgiving3

I like going out early wearing a sweater. It allows me to pretend that fall is here. Yes, some of the trees are turning and the leaves are falling. Nature is getting ready for fall.

I’m looking forward to getting pumpkins for decorating rather than carving. I find it run to have them decorating my front porch . . . along with my fall wreath I put on my front door. I don’t go all out with the decorating. Just enough to celebrate the change of season.

This is a perfect time for you to get into your fall crafts.

franken-goofy-cupcakes-recipeIf you haven’t been in the mood to do any of the 3-D buildings from either Ray Keim’s Haunted Dimensions or Ray O’Bannon’s RavensBlight, you might find something from Family.Disney more to your liking.

It’s never too early to start thinking about special cupcakes you’d like to make for Halloween.

Goofy is on-hand to give you a bit of a frightfully funny cupcake design — of course, featuring him. He’s doing a franken-goofy thing you might want to try out on your family before your Halloween gathering.

Click the cupcakes to the left and you’ll be taken to the recipe so you can begin planning this delightful party treat.

This may inspire you to give Mickey and Donald a square head . . . or maybe not, but this concept would work with creating other Disney character images on your cupcakes. And there are always the cupcake toppers . . .

That should get you thinking fall a bit . . . I know you’re busy with a new school year with the kids . . . but it doesn’t hurt to look ahead.

Have fun!


Free Printable Tags

I love tags for mini albums and for gifts.

These are great for you to add your own images for various seasons and holidays.vg_tags_2

I like the background. It works well for most generic purposes.

This vintage look seems to be quite popular. I like it and use the style for most of my tags for all seasons and for all reasons.

I like to use my Silhouette Cameo Design Studio software to change the size of the tags and to add images. Then I can duplicate them to fill the page. Then get them cut out quickly and easily to use on gifts and for inserts in mini-albums and scrapbooks.

These tags are also great to add your own messages to them — could be seasonal greetings and add the “To and From”. On the back I like to add a personal message of some kind.

Enjoy your new tags.

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Three Day Weekend Of Fun In The Sun

While everyone is having fun this weekend celebrating America’s Independence . . . 

I’m thinking of Halloween . . .ElviraWaitingForHalloween

Can you relate?

I’ve been building paper models of haunted houses and making candy boxes shaped like coffins . . . and playing with my Silhouette Cameo to make appropriate boxes I can give away to the kids who come on All Hollow’s Eve with the message of “trick-or-treat!”

I do love Halloween . . . but starting too early could mean burning out down the road . . . So I am refraining from launching full force into Halloween, but I can still be thinking about it and doing various Halloween projects just for my own amusement.

It is always good to get started early on your holiday projects. Whatever holiday is your favorite. Or when the mood strikes.

The warm to hot days of summer seems appropriate for me to settle into doing some paper crafts. I find them enjoyable and relaxing.

Since I got my Silhouette Cameo I’m having fun learning the software and playing around with templates for making boxes. I do love boxes. I love to decorate them for whatever holiday is appropriate.

I have been making cards and mini-albums, too. It’s fun to have a span of time to devote to the crafts of your choice. I’ve been toying around with the idea of having a website for crafts and also a YouTube Channel . . . the more I think about it . . . the more I warm up to the idea . . . but I also wonder why I would do it.

I love the craft tutorials YouTube has to offer . . . I don’t know if I could actually add to it . . . There is considerable work involved. It could also be fun . . . but I may continue doing what I’m doing here. I don’t think I need the added work.

I love what I’m doing and sharing things with you. I do appreciate it when you click one of my links and purchase something. I know it is your way of saying Thank You and I thank you in return.

I do have much to learn about making my own PDF files that I can offer to you this coming holiday season starting in the fall. Yes, I’m referring to Halloween. I have a few things in the works . . . but, I don’t want to start too soon . . . I’ll also have things for Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . then Valentine’s Day . . . and all the following holidays.

We do come full circle year after year . . . with so very much to celebrate. And, I think the best is celebrating family and friends. We are all so very fortunate in so very many ways . . . and doing things for others does add to the fun every holiday and season and every day of the year.

Here are some things you may enjoy this summer while you’re waiting for Halloween:

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