Are You Interested In Old Stuff?

Many Go To Estate Sales, Antique Malls And On-Line Auction Sites

There’s a great variety of old stuff … toys … pictures, magazines, gizmos … old diaries …

I was looking at YouTube Videos and found a few regarding old diaries … This young woman was interested in the romantic stuff one would record in a diary … 

I’m not especially interested in snooping on the private thoughts of others … It was written as a personal thing … not to be lost and picked up and sold to be shared publicly …

I Was Thinking It Would Be Kind Of A Good Idea To Keep A Diary Or Journal For The Upcoming New Year

A diary or a journal would make a lovely gift …

Just know that in 20, 30, 50 or even a hundred years, it may be “found” and read by complete strangers!!

But … with social media … Many share all aspects of their lives publicly … So … is a diary something one would actually keep?

I Keep A Tarot Journal As I’m Learning To Read Tarot Cards … I Do Have A Different One For Each Of My Tarot Decks

I wonder if they are something I would want to share with others … Initially I thought of them as a learning tool … But perhaps some of my questions and answers are a bit personal … I may not want them to get into the wrong hands …

I’m really leaning towards private thoughts are to be kept private … And, then again … It may be interesting to look back on in later years as we mature or our skills become more refined …

I think a personal journal or diary in learning to play a musical instrument or learning to dance professionally or something of that nature would be worthwhile …

Well … there are all degrees of what one would consider personal …


I Thought The Diary Above Would Be Fun For All Ages

I believe diaries should come with a warning about what to keep private and what to write down …

You could write poetry … limericks are fun … Maybe a secret recipe that was handed down in your family … Look for something interesting and fun that you wouldn’t mind others reading …

Diaries can be fun … so if you decide to buy one or several keep in mind what would happen if they fell into the wrong hands … It’s not a slam book … Try not to make it hurtful … Yet at times we do get hurt … even by a best friend … but we don’t have to get all ugly about it …

I’m interested in your thoughts on the subject of diaries and journals. Leave me a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by!


The Approaching New Year

Oh Yes, Time Does Seem To Be Marching OnHappy New Year

It’s a political year. It’s also a leap year. Most importantly, it’s a New Year.

Politics is a private matter. We all have our views. And what comes will come. It is the nature of the world. Change is inevitable . . . whether we like it or not . . .

There are many things in our lives we may want to change . . . we may want to spend more time with family and friends . . . or learn something new . . . or clean out a closet . . . there is always something we have brewing on the back burner of our minds.

Each year we make promises to ourselves that this year . . .

Yes, we do this regularly . . . and when the time is right, we will accomplish those things.

I’m not one to dwell on those things that I should have done . . . I choose to focus on those things I want to accomplish . . . while taking care of those things I must do on a regular basis.

Yes, we do have responsibilities. And those seem to be our priorities. Then everything else takes its place.

I’m Not One To Make Grand New Year’s Resolutions

I see those areas in my life that are in need of change.

And that’s where I begin. Nothing grand or ground breaking, but an attempt day by day to work on those changes. Baby steps.

Over time, those changes will be part of my life and the destination is within sight. I can see the improvements.

It’s good to see improvements and celebrate them. Sure, you may have a long way to go, but you’re moving in the right direction.

It’s about making progress . . . and you have plenty of time to fully achieve success.

I like being my own cheerleader. It’s good to encourage yourself . . . and make adjustments along the way.

The New Year Seems To Hold Such Promise

For some it’s like wiping the slate clean.

For others it’s taking care of old business.

There is hope . . .

We can’t foretell the future. We can only do what we can to make each day count. No matter what it entails. It could be spending quality time with your family or reading a good book or resting. Each day will be different. And we must value each day and honor how we feel.

There will be melancholy days . . . days we don’t feel like doing much of anything . . . good weather days and bad weather days. It’s just a matter of taking them in stride and doing what feels right.

I learn a lot from books and movies . . . maybe not what the authors wanted me to learn . . . but sometimes something clicks and gives me a solution to something I’ve been thinking about. They may do the same for you.

We need to be aware of our environment . . . to see how the seasons change and the weather changes . . . celebrating that . . . it is a process . . . a cycle . . . and it does affect us . . . even without our knowing it.WindyDay

Today is windy here. I’m not fond of the wind, but it does serve a purpose. I may not be fully aware of the why and how, but it is something I accept because I can’t change it. I do what I can within me . . . I can’t change the weather or make things happen to suit my mood.

I know there are people who believe they can . . . and many can with a strong belief system . . . but I believe it has to do with one’s perspective. When we focus upon good things, good things will come to us. And the opposite is also true.

Just honor your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I’m not trying to change you in any way. You know what is best for you. I just want to encourage you to be as positive as possible to have a good life . . . one you want for yourself.

Have a wonderful New Year.


Merry Christmas One And All

Merry Christmas!!

My goodness!! Christmas is here!!Christmas3

I find it surprising. The days, weeks and months seem to have flown by. I remember preparing for Halloween . . . then Thanksgiving . . . and Christmas.

Next is the New Year — 2016 . . . unbelievable.

Maybe I should begin preparing for Easter . . . it will be here in record time, just as Christmas has arrived so quickly.

It is said that the older you get, the quicker time seems to pass.

This Statement Seems Strange To Me

As we get older we may slow down a bit.

When we’re younger we’re trying to cram so much into every single day. Wouldn’t it seem logical that one with a busy schedule would find the passage of time going by at a faster pace?

I’m not expert . . . just observant . . . and blogging about it. It’s unfortunate I have no answers, just questions. And I do ask you, “Does time seem to be going by quickly?”

I Think I’ll March Ahead To Easter

I know there’s the New Year and the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day and other holidays . . . but . . . Easter for 2016 will be Sunday, March 27. 

In some ways that seems quite a ways away . . . but back in October, Christmas seemed so far away . . .

Easter seems to be coming early this coming year . . . it’s been in the April for awhile. Now, the end of March.

Before I March Ahead . . . How’s Your Christmas?

I’ve been getting my fill of Christmas Carols.

I do love them and will miss them. I will be playing them while I take my Christmas tree down and put away the decorations. It is part of my tradition.

I play Christmas Carols while decorating the tree and the house. So it seems fitting to do the same when taking everything down.

Now, I sometimes keep the tree up until after the New Year . . . and sometimes right after Christmas.

In the case of my blogs . . . except for  things will be changing over the weekend. will be still about Christmas . . . it’s my year round Christmas website. It is Christmas 365 days a year . . . not a repeat, as in the movies . . . just having the focus of Christmas throughout the year.

I’m also eliminating some of my websites. I want to be able to devote time to the ones I’m keeping. With time going by so quickly . . . I need to concentrate on those websites that are the most important to me.

I do hope this Christmas Day was filled with joy and goodwill for you and your family.

It may be a rainy day for me. During the early morning hours there was rain . . . and I do hope it continues. We need the rain and I have no outdoor plans.

It is cold . . . which is quite refreshing for Christmas.DTDM1

I feel good. This has been a wonderful Christmas. Maybe because it was my precious Diva’s first Christmas with me. She seemed to feel right at home with the tree and the decorations . . .

My little Diva is a remarkable little Yorkshire Terrier that brings me much joy and happiness.

I’m sure you feel the same about your furry pets.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!