Are You Familiar With Ravensblight?

    Ray O’Bannon is a talented artist who created Ravenscraft.

    Since it is finally fall/autumn, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Ray O’Bannon Haunted Toys.

    Of course, it’s The Ghost House!

    It also has a Secret Chamber . . .

    Well, as I remember the story . . . The house was built in 1820 by Captain Joshua Harsh. Yes, his temperment seemed to match his name. He was a seaman — a Ship Captain as I recall . . . but he was rumored to be a pirate . . . and into the dark arts.

    He built this house, but the building only occurred at night . . . not a strange occurance in Ravensblight . . . but all the same, it seemed quite odd.

    He did bring home a bride to his new home . . . who was heavily veiled . . . 

    And she died mysteriously after lighting the lamp post in the yard . . . do you see it?

    That lamp post still burns brightly . . . even to this day . . . inspite of other residents who purchased this property . . . and is still burning as it is awaiting a new owner . . .

    This papercraft has a Secret Chamber which I mentioned earlier . . .

    That’s what makes this paper craft Ghost House so special to me! I can put some of my own “treasures” inside.

    I’ve made several of these in the past and given them as gifts . . . I wonder if they found the treasures I selected for them . . .

    It really doesn’t matter — about the “treasures” . . . just that there is a secret chamber waiting to be discovered.

    I also added some spooky characters to dress us the place a bit . . . 

    There are two sets . . . It is difficult to decide which are my favorites so I have a selection from both sets decorating my Ghost House . . . and, of course, you can do the same . . .

    And, my Ghost House has a story all of its own . . . I just did that for my own amusement, but you can be true to Ray O’Bannon and stay with his story . . .

    I kind of like having a mad scientists . . . or maybe a coven of witches building this Ghost House . . . and, of course, mine isn’t from Ravensblight, but built in my own hometown . . . which has a colorful haunted history all of its own . . . for those who are interested . . . but not everyone is into ghosts and real ghost stories . . .

    Seriously, who wants to know that such “interesting” monsters are haunting their hometown . . . ???

    All of these Free Printables are compliments of Ray O’Bannon over at Ravensblight. Just click any of the images above to print out your Ghost House and Micro Monsters.

    Thanks for stopping by! And Happy Fall to you!!





    Ravensblight Cemetery Free Paper Craft

    Ray O’Bannon has been busy over at RavensBlight.

    He has this cool cemetery complete with all the graves . . .

    It does seem a big crowded . . . 

    It would be worthwhile to take some time to check it out and read the assembling instructions before printing it out on card stock. I personally like to see how it all comes together before getting into the middle of it and discovering I glued something wrong.

    This is really exciting to have a fancy cemetery to go with all the great haunted places you can make as well.

    Ray has also included an interview with the caretaker. Now that is truly something.

    And, the place won’t get lonely, there are lots of “monsters” you can place in and around the place.

    I’m sure you remember these guys . . . I’ve even used them as cupcake toppers for my Halloween celebrations.

    Be sure to take a look around RavensBlight. There are lots of haunted toys that may be of interest to you.

    Besides all the haunted buildings, there are haunted ships — those are real treasures. And there are vehicles and airplanes. Keep on looking and you’ll find a lot of things you’ll want to make for yourself or a particular member of your family or even a friend or two.

    And don’t forget all those great coffins you can make and fill with goodies for your guests.

    I know it’s spring and Easter is coming up, but those coffins with tasty treats might just hit the spot with your ghost hunting friends and all the little ghouls you might have coming around.

    Have some fun with this cemetery and the monsters . . . and whatever you find of interest.

    Thanks for stopping by!


    A Great Haunted House From RavensBlight

    Here’s a free Haunted House from RavensBlight called The Bleak Estate.

    It’s a nice home with a ghost in the attic.bleakestate1

    That shouldn’t bother you . . . much. It’s just one area of the house that may be necessary to leave alone. Something else to consider is that there are no steps to the porch area of the house . . . There are few visitors of the human variety . . . but I’m sure this isn’t an issue for the paranormal beings that may or may not frequent the place.

    And, RavensBlight has a variety of “friends” you can add inside and outside of your personal Bleak Estate. Ray O’Bannon has a whole variety of these you may enjoy.

    Before I forget, click the image to the right to be taken to the PDF to print out on card stock. Ray has instructions for you, too.

    micromonsters1This is an attractive addition to the other RavensBlight houses. And, as I mentioned earlier, there are Micro-Monsters you may enjoy inviting into your Bleak Estate. There are two sets of these.

    Click the Micro-Monster set on the left to be taken to the PDF.

    Then, if you want to have a house full of these Micro-Monsters, you may like the second set.MicroMonstersSet2a

    These are pictured to the right.

    You can click that image to be taken to the PDF for printing out.

    Be sure to check out other “toys” Ray O’Bannon has on his website. You may enjoy some larger images of these monsters and zombies. Ray has a whole cast of characters. He has 8 sets of 3 different ones for 24 you may like placing around the house to decorate shelves and flat surfaces. He also has Robot Minions, if that’s your thing.

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you do enjoy the Bleak Estate and the Micro-Monsters.


    Thanksgiving Pie Box Printable

    One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is having an extra piece of pumpkin pie to take home.

    For many of you, you may be getting a head-start on Black Friday . . . thanksgivingpiebox

    I do hope you made up some of these boxes for your guests to take home a piece of pumpkin pie.

    Click the picture on the right to be taken to the PDF for downloading and printing.

    I like to do as much as possible a day ahead. Then while the turkey is roasting in the oven, I go out and rake up leaves. There is something invigorating about this little bit of physical labor in the fresh outdoor fall air.

    It’s amazing how quickly these leaves get raked up and put in the yard waste barrel.

    I then relax on the front porch with a hot cup of coffee admiring my yard before cleaning up and working on the vegetables for my Thanksgiving dinner.

    I like having a relaxing day . . . no major rushing around before my family and friends arrive. I do like to have everything ready so I can relax a bit.

    Jigsaw puzzles and Thanksgiving seem to go together. It’s a time to get a bit nostalgic.

    I hope your Thanksgiving Day, however you celebrate it is blissful.

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Witch Shoe Party Favor

    Witches, ghosts, goblins, ghouls . . . Pumpkins, skeletons, spiders and spider webs . . . Mummies and monsters . . . Super Heroes and cartoon characters . . . Pirates and Princesses . . . And so very many more “things” that go bump in the night on All Hallows Eve . . . 

    Or are in costume greeting us at our door hoping for a sweet treat.witchshoe2

    Yes, Halloween is definitely in the air. I noticed Amazon has their Halloween Shop open. I’m sure everyone is looking for just the right costume for each member of their family . . . I wonder what it will be?

    These witch shoes are always fun to make and give as gifts this Halloween season. It works for different age groups and can be decorated to go along with the theme of your party or get-together.

    You can use your own designer paper for the inner lining and for the shoe as well. It can be creepy or funny . . . depending upon how you view Halloween.

    Click the links above for the PDFs of the shoe and the lining. Then find ribbon and buttons and maybe some suitable clipart that will decorate your witch shoe quite nicely. It’s always fun to have designer paper at least for the inner lining, but you can use any solid color . . . cardstock does work well for the shoe . . . it needs to be sturdy to hold your bag of assorted goodies.

    This is a fun way for your children to give candy to their school friends . . . and even for their teacher.

    Start early with this project . . . you’ll be making dozens of them.

    Thanks for stopping by!