The Story Of Halloween

This History Channel Documentary I found quite informative and thought it important to share it here.

Bats, witches … plus traditions and legends that led to our celebration of Halloween.

I found this documentary very informative and I hope you agree. I especially like the idea of how Halloween is much tamer than in years past. It is a time for children and adults to dress up in costume and go door to door trick-or-treat-ing or going to parties.

There is definitely something fun about going out after dark . . . and getting a scare or two . . . but it is all in fun without the destructive mischief of the past.

I also found it interesting how costumes have evolved … They are quite involved … and quite expensive as well …

Have a safe Halloween with your family and friends.

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It Is Feeling Like Christmas

What Does Christmas Feel Like To You?Christmas7

For me, Christmas is colder temperatures . . . not snow cold, because I don’t get snow regularly during  the winter . . . just at odd extreme times.

There is something about having a wet Christmas rather than a white Christmas. I doubt “I’m Dreaming of a Wet Christmas” would be a very good song. But this may indeed be what I’ll be experiencing this year.

It’s mainly about the sharing, caring and giving to family, friends and even neighbors. Also about greetings of goodwill for all. Having a happy disposition. And spreading good cheer to all we encounter on our rushing around this Christmas week.

Life does feel wonderful when we’re out and about on our various errands. My thoughts go to family and friends who are no longer with us. I do believe they are celebrating this glorious Christmas season together and with me.

My traditions are their traditions . . . taught to me and practiced when we were all together. It is a good time . . . even remembering those who are no longer with us . . . it doesn’t have to be sad and taint our Christmas celebration.

We all have precious memories we do cherish and honor not just at Christmas, but all year round. It may be a bit melancholy, but it doesn’t have to be . . . it is all a matter of perspective.

This Is The First Christmas I’m Sharing With My Precious Yorkshire Terrier Diva.DTDM1

She’s a great little girl that I absolutely adore. So loving and funny in her excitement of every day being special. She may not understand Christmas, but she knows something is different with a Christmas tree and decorations . . . she may feel the excitement of what is hiding in her stocking . . .

I believe we can learn a lot from our pets. It’s mainly universal love. Loving no matter what. And also seeing a new adventure in every single day. Each day is a wonderful gift . . . we must enjoy it and recognize it for what it is.

I know that some people experience loss during Christmas and at various times throughout the year. It always seems worse at Christmas.

I wish I had something wise and memorable to say to you . . . to give you comfort while you’re grieving . . . but although your heart is aching remember the good times . . . the journey you’ve shared and how you’ve grown and prospered because of knowing them.

We are loved. And we do love. That is special in and of itself. Love is very powerful. That’s what makes our pets seem human to us. It’s what the Christmas season is all about.

Take a moment to look back in loving memory . . . allow the love to come forth into your life . . . and live and thrive and give and enjoy this Christmas.

Think of all your blessings and how fortunate you truly are . . .

Every holiday is what you make it. And creating new memories that will brighten your life for years to come.

I Wonder Why People Watch Sad Movies At Christmas

I’m beginning to believe that with tears . . . our hearts are opened a bit wider to give more and to feel more.

That may seem strange. Just ask around and discover for yourself. Many people have a favorite Christmas movie they watch each and every Christmas. Ask them why . . . some will just say, “It’s our family tradition.”

But delve deeper, if you can . . . don’t be disappointed if they don’t know . . . but their tears are not negative at all . . . that seems to be a miracle. It could be a cleansing to a degree. I guess a good cry is healthy.

Maybe similar to laughter.

Have You Noticed The Number of Vlogs On YouTube?

There’s also that new vlog people share while driving home from work or just driving around.

It seems many of them are in their car . . . some may be home and sharing what they’re doing. Why is this “reality” thing so popular?

Do we really want to look into the homes, cars, errands of others?

What is fascinating about them?

They are fascinating with the number of subscribers they get . . . are these lives so different from yours?

Would you want to vlog your life?

Yes, I’ve watched many of them . . . just to see what they’re about. Some have interesting moments . . .

Maybe it is an escape from your life . . . or the sense of wanting to be part of something different . . . I don’t really know. I just admire people who sustain their vlogs for years . . . sharing their home life . . .

I couldn’t do it. I have my hands full with my blogs . . . and is this any different, really?

It does give me something to think about . . .

I’ve rambled on for quite some time with my random thoughts during this Christmas week. I hope yours is much more exciting . . . you may even vlog about it . . .

I wish you a very productive and delightful Christmas week,


Thanksgiving Is Almost Upon Us

The Days And Weeks Are Going By Quickly.KidsPlayingInLeaves

Thanksgiving is less than a week away!

I was out shopping yesterday and the Thanksgiving grocery displays were moved front and center. It was so easy to find just about everything in that one section. I could feel the excitement of the approaching holiday.

Family is gathering this weekend to spend more time together. There is much excitement and anticipation all around the city. It’s easy to get caught up in it.

No matter what your plans, take a moment to reflect upon your favorite Thanksgiving Day celebrations. It’s good to remember loved ones who have passed and how they have made Thanksgiving and other holidays so special.

Is It The Food Or The Company?

For many it could be the traveling to see loved one.

My neighbor has an expression I truly love, “Family is like fish, it spoils after three days.” So she limits her visits. It’s a way to visit various family and friends before arriving at their final destination for Thanksgiving.

I’m sure many would like to spend more than three days together, but I can understand not imposing on the kindness of others.

My brother and I were talking about food yesterday. That really gets you in the mood for the Thanksgiving Feast before us this Thanksgiving. This got me thinking of how special Thanksgiving was when we were kids. That’s why I love the picture of kids playing in the leaves with the Pilgrims and Native Americans in the background.

It’s remembering the reason for the holiday and also allowing you to be a kid again . . . at least in memory.

My father and I would rake leaves together Thanksgiving morning. It became our tradition. Surprisingly, I do miss it. I loved seeing the progress we made in getting the driveway cleared off first and then the front lawn. I do love the sound of crunching in the leaves.

Each family may have priceless memories that have nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but we do make the association nevertheless.

Make Your Own Traditions

There are so many “built in” traditions centered around Thanksgiving.

It’s mainly the food, but it could be something more . . . like raking leaves or making the beds . . . even bringing out cots for the kids to sleep on . . . or setting up a place for kids to play in the backyard.

Football is a tradition . . . watching or playing it with family and friends . . . also a favorite movie or board game . . . or video game . . . each family has traditions that are uniquely their own . . . or maybe not so unique.

Then, the day after Thanksgiving . . . Black Friday special shopping trips . . . putting up the Christmas tree and the Christmas lights . . . or whatever you and your family find appropriate to do.

It’s always fun to have something special to share with loved ones that will be a treasured memory for many years to come.

It’s never to late to create your own Thanksgiving tradition.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Random Thoughts For Fall

My internet and telephone service have been off and on for a week . . . and it may continue until the network server is back in service.roadsign2

I don’t mind the telephone service being off as much as I mind the internet being out. But the ideal situation is to have both services available.

You may have noticed I didn’t mention television. I’m one of those rare individuals who has been without television service for 10 years. I think television is wonderful for those who have it and love it. I have just found it isn’t for me. I do know I do miss out on many things, but it is a personal choice I’ve made to concentrate on my websites and interact with my affiliate marketing friends.

I do listen to the radio and I also get news from the internet.

I do seem to be blending the old with the new in a strange way. The radio may not be something many of you have, other than in your car, but I’ve found I don’t listen to it as much as I used to before learning I had WiFi in my house and getting my laptop.

Obviously, I’m no techie, but I’m pleased I’ve learned what I have to keep my websites up-to-date.

In many ways I’m still quite old-fashioned. I enjoy the modern conveniences of today, but there is something comfortable and endearing about the old traditions of holidays. I have my memories which seem to be even more special as the years go by with the loss of family. But, I’ve found I have created some new traditions and memories that are essentially mine.

Have you changed your traditions for the holiday season?

booktree11_edited-1It’s always nice to make your celebrations unique to you and your family. Some of the old traditions may still be enjoyable, but I believe we grow into our own unique comfort zone when it comes to how we celebrate holidays. It may have begun with a change of menu or some subtle decorating. It is always nice to find what works for you.

My neighborhood is quite traditional, generally. The Halloween decorating is done primarily by two families who get the ball rolling for the rest of us. Some follow suit and other ignore it. I began mine with the scarecrows way back during the spring when I was planting my vegetable garden. I even expanded into the front yard to shake up the neighbors a bit to wonder what I was doing and why.

It’s my way of proving I’m a bit of a recluse and perhaps a free spirit who does what appeals to me without regard to the season. I don’t expect others to conform in any way. Plus, I may not be on the same schedule with them to decorate for Christmas in particular. I don’t work on a schedule. I work as the mood strikes me.

What I do is what I enjoy doing. It’s not that I want or need to keep up with the neighbors.

It’s not like in the movies when the neighbors are in competition with each other and where they shame a person into decorating. I’m sure there are other variations on the theme. Books have also used this concept in their stories. I enjoy the concept in the movies and in books, I don’t need it in real life.

I guess I’ve done enough rambling. I just wanted you to know that my internet and phone services are in a transition mode until the network is repaired. I’ve been given no timeline. Right now they’re ringing my telephone every five minutes or so.

So, if there are large gaps between my posts, it’s not by choice but due to internet access.

Thank you for being a valued visitor. Leave me a comment with your thoughts about holidays.

Until next time,