I was delivering flowers to grave sites one afternoon when I saw a ghostly apparition of three ladies dressed up in Victorian style clothing having tea.

They nodded at me as I passed by. It was quite remarkable to see a formal tea party. I didn’t want to intrude and I wasn’t dressed appropriately for such a formal tea party, but when I passed by again, I handed each lady a red rose. I always keep extra flowers in my truck in the event I see a ghost or have a feeling of leaving flowers on a particular grave.

Since Veteran’s Day was drawing near, I was setting out arrangements requested by family members and they wanted me to tuck a bottle of Jack Daniels in the flowers. I had several similar requests and was spreading these “special” arrangements throughout the cemetery. I think when they arrived to pay respects, they wanted to give a special toast to their loved ones.

 I did pass by the “tea party” several times.

One ghostly woman stopped me. She spoke formally. “We appreciate the flowers, but we wouldn’t mind a little something to brighten the taste of this tea.” She then inclined her head toward the floral arrangement I had in my hands and more notably the bottle I had tucked inside.

I set the flowers down and fished out the bottle and very formally bowed to the ladies and offered the bottle of Jack Daniels to them.

I delivered the flowers and had to get another bottle out of my truck.

After delivering all my arrangements for the day, I sought out my “tea party” ladies. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. I made a mental note to have a bottle for them instead of flowers. I got in my truck and drove away.

I was curious about these ladies and their tea party.

There’s a man I met years earlier in the archives at the library and I thought I would pay him a visit.

I explained my experience at the cemetery and he led me out of the library and to the park. He started laughing. I didn’t know the joke, but I was pleased I could bring some happiness into his life.

He told me those weren’t fine ladies having tea, they were “working girls” engaged in the “oldest profession.”

I couldn’t believe it. They seemed so refined and lady like, but that must have made them successful in their line of work.

He walked away, still chuckling.

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