Tea Flowers Are An Intriguing Concept

They are not only beautiful but are flavorful. Since this is a new concept for me, I believe it’s best to select an assortment — a gift set collection. I love the concept of having loose teas and allowing them to brew naturally . . . Then add the flowers to decorate the teapot . . . or a glass or cup of tea . . . I do like having lovely canisters to display on my counter or in a cupboard . . .

This is truly a visually delightful and flavorful experience to behold. I remember seeing this years ago, but never ventured forward to see what it was all about. I suppose it was best for me to be ready for this experience. How about about you? Are you ready to have a blooming tea experience?

What An Amazing Experience!!

As I was growing up I was always told not to play with my food . . . I guess that included what I was drinking as well. Now that I’m an adult . . . I can appreciate the essence behind creating a beautiful meal as well as a beautiful cup or pot of tea. I’m still quite intrigued by this whole concept. I do hope you’ll click one of the pictures and find out for yourself the wonderful, flavorful essence of tea flowers.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts about tea flowers.


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