With the approaching of a New Year my thoughts turn to things I haven’t accomplished and wondering what opportunities will be coming my way. I do make a vow to myself to not worry about things, but to seek the good in everything I do. It’s important to wake up every morning with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

I do believe we receive answers to our prayers . . . the trick is to be alert enough to recognize it. We are blessed in so very many ways. During Thanksgiving many took the time to think about their many blessings and spoke of the many things they were thankful for . . . it should be a daily thing of giving thanks for our many blessings . . . not wait for Thanksgiving. The same is true of Christmas . . . that Christmas spirit should still be with us . . . yes it is sometimes to difficult to keep those thoughts . . . it’s much much more fun decorating than it is putting everything away . . . 

Then there’s New Year’s Eve . . . having a party . . . going to a party . . . or celebrating quietly at home. It can be a quiet time of reflection or a time to remember all the good times and thoughts about the coming year ahead.

However you spend your New Year’s Eve, I wish you happiness and let it spread throughout the New Year!



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