It may not officially be summer, but the weather is feeling as though it is. We’ve been experiencing some of the normal June Gloom, but lately it has gotten hot and I do mean hot . . . high 90’s and threatening to reach triple digits.

Summer is not my favorite season . . . its the long, hot days that get me down. I do love it when the sun does go down and the evening gets cooler, but then the mosquitoes come out and chase me inside. I do love the BBQ and my vegetable garden, but it is primarily the heat that I don’t enjoy. I enjoy picnics in the mountains, camping by a running stream, telling ghost stories around an open fire . . . all things that have to do with cooler temperatures and a different setting. 

Summer is a time to go on vacation . . . to get out of the summer heat . . . just as others see winter as a vacation time away from the cold harsh winter.

I do wonder if we’re ever satisfied with where we live and the weather conditions, regardless of the season. I may be a fair weather individual who likes to be comfortable . . . I prefer the cold to the heat, but not freezing cold . . . but with the right clothing, it may work. The problem with summer is that you can only take off so much clothing . . .

I have my neighborhood power walkers who get up early and pound the sidewalk. There are also the early morning joggers, jogging in the street. Of course, the dog walkers, too. These are hearty health conscious souls who are dedicated to their exercise ritual rain or shine throughout the year.  Ice cream sales go up . . . and women complaining about gaining weight, but they’re hooked on ice cream sundaes for dessert every night. Many resort to using the slow cooker and BBQ. They’re looking for recipes of s’mores . . . I’m surprised by the variety I’ve come across . . . even a dip that is quite delicious and gooey.

It’s a good time to get into crafts — many for Halloween, but many go right into Christmas while others are into Easter . . . we all have our favorite season and our favorite holiday that interests us throughout the year. I had an old friend who loved Christmas so much she would have a Christmas in July party. This was so she could celebrate all the good things about the holiday without the bickering of relatives.

Halloween is also quite popular with summer and spring costume parties. My ghost hunting group loves having costume parties to tell and retell stories about their various adventures. Or to watch several of the popular series and make comments during the episode. Yes, we are critics . . . I like to learn something new . . . I’m not that adventuresome to go out to places at night to get the wits scared out of me. I’ve gone out during the day . . . at least this way when I run out of a known haunted place screaming it’s not in the dead of night. And, if you’re wondering, ghosts haunt 24/7/365. The reason most ghost hunting is done at night is because most of them work and there could be something to the “witching hour” concept. I just believe it’s a time when people are expecting something creepy, scary and paranormal to happen. And with the various urban legends and ghost stories, they happen at night . . . along with other disturbing things we hear about on the nightly news.

Whatever your holiday preference, summer is an excellent time to get your decorating ideas in gear and doing your crafts.

Summer is also a great time to get out and take pictures. It’s really an everyday thing, but vacations and holidays seem to be the reason for taking pictures. For some, they like to watch the heavens . . . some for UFOs and others just to do some serious star gazing.

There are many activities you may enjoy that I haven’t mentioned here. It does seem to be a long season, especially when I’m waiting for fall . . . but you’ll hear about it in September and may have read about it last September . . . my long anticipation of fall. Come to think of it, I’m longing for it right now.

These are just some thoughts that have been going through my head . . . and my observations while shopping . . . overhearing snip-its of conversations . . . 

Have a great summer! I’ll be putting up more recipes and holiday ideas . . . yes, I do get into Halloween early . . .

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