I’ve needed a stamp platform for quite some time.

Tim Holtz introduced his quite some time ago, but I didn’t purchase it right away.

I wanted to see how it worked out . . . and if I really needed one.

The stamp platform is excellent. Watch this video:

What do you think?

I find it works great and allows me to get better stamped images.

I work a lot with the photopolymer stamps and this gives me a clear image . . . and a repeat performance if I don’t get the pressure just right.

I’ve found my problem has been with the even pressure and also not twisting my stamp as I lift it up. With this platform, there is no way I will be twisting my stamp as I lift it up — the platform lifts straight up.

I’m pleased with this platform and find it makes stamping much more enjoyable for me. I especially like it when I’m making several cards and want a precision placement of an image or a sentiment. It does save time.

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