I’m always hearing about unexplainable paranormal experiences people have had.

I hear about them while I’m at my local coffee shop. Also while I’m setting flowers out at the local cemetery. Many people go there to visit with their past loved ones — and sometimes they speak back.

See if any of these are familiar to your personal real ghost stories.

Dianne was out shopping with her sister.

When they were checking out, her sister remarked, “I’m so tired, I can’t wait to rest my head on my pillow.”

A week later Dianne’s sister was attacked and killed while walking to her car after work.

A month later Dianne was putting away clean linens in the closet when a pillow case fell from the shelf.

Dianne felt at first uncomfortable, then a sense of well-being came over her. She took it as a sign that her sister was telling her everything was all right.

We do have our loved ones contact us beyond the grave in many different ways.

Penny dropped a friend home one night.

Her friend lived out on a dirt country road. Penny was feeling uncomfortable about driving out there, but she was a friend and needed a ride.

On her way home after dropping off her friend, Penny’s car just died. It was dark all around her. She couldn’t get the car started. Her headlights didn’t work, there was no signal for her cell phone. She found a flashlight, stepped out of the car to look around. She saw a handmade sign on the side of the road that read, “Heaven is near.”

She heard footsteps behind her and got back into her car and locked the door.

Penny was sure the grim reaper was after her.

Penny was so scared, she fainted.

When she awoke about two hours later — it was after 7 PM when she dropped her friend off  and it was then after 9 PM — the car was idling and the headlights were on.

She drove home in a haze not knowing what happened.

Some may say alien abduction. Others may say that her imagination got the better of her and she may have blacked out and in that blacked out state got the car running again.

I believe things happen for a reason. It’s possible that Penny needed to stop for awhile before exiting the dirt road and getting back on the highway. It’s similar to being delayed when we’re ready to go and we can’t find our keys.

We do have angels looking out for us.

Grandma Rita’s “Sittings”

Ralph’s grandmother was a medium. Every Friday night without fail she had what she called “sittings,” but they could be considered séances.

Ralph’s grandmother, grandfather, mother, father and Ralph were always there. Friends and neighbors would sometimes attend or invite a friend. It was nothing formal and there was no charge for participating.

One fall evening Ralph’s family was in attendance with two neighbor ladies. Rita was getting ready to begin when the flash of headlights shined through the front picture window. They heard a car door slam, followed by two more.

Ralph’s father got up to greet the late arrivals. He looked out the front window, but saw no car outside. He opened the front door and there was no one there.

Everyone heard the same thing, everyone looked out the front window — nothing was there.

Rita said something quite strange, “Now that we’re all here, shall we begin?”

Everyone returned to their seat and the “sitting” began.

Ralph doesn’t remember anything special about that reading. It may be his imagination, but he thought there may have been three more guests sitting at the table he couldn’t see.

Strange and unusual things happen all the time. Rita knew what was going on, but didn’t enlighten her family or guests. Spirits are individuals with personalities. These spirits were having a bit of fun in their mode of transportation. They knew how to make an entrance.

Brian’s Scary Night Alone

Brian was home alone to catch up on some work while his wife and children went to a movie after dinner. He was in his office when he heard water running in the kitchen. He thought his family was home and his wife was doing the dishes. He checked — no running water and no dirty dishes in the sink.

He returned to his office when he heard the television turn on and the distinctive sound of channels being changed. Brian went to check. The TV was off.

He called out to his family and even went upstairs to check all the rooms. He found nothing except a teddy bear in the hallway. He picked it up and tossed it on the bed of his youngest daughter.

When he returned to his office, the teddy bear was in his desk chair.

He was going to move it, but with all the other activities of the evening, he backed away and went into the living room to watch television. He channel surfed for awhile and decided to watch a DVD.

When Brian returned to his chair, the teddy bear was sitting there with it’s glassy eyes staring at him.

This time he threw the bear out of his chair and across the room.

He was so unnerved by the experience, he decided to go to bed and read.  On his way up the stairs, the bear tripped him and he fell hard on the stairs knocking himself out.

When his family returned home, Brian was still sprawled unconscious on the stairs. The next thing he remembered was waking up in the hospital.

His wife removed the teddy bear from the house after hearing Brian’s tale. Before returning home she had the house blessed, but when Brian returned there were still strange things going on in the house.

They soon moved.

There have been possessed dolls — why not teddy bears? There have been poltergeists and ghosts in houses. Brian believes this was the first time he was home alone. Had his family been with him, he would have thought nothing of the teddy bear being moved around, thinking his daughter or one of the other children did it.

It’s always fun to hear about the experiences of others — some are similar to our own — and some, thankfully haven’t happened to us.

I hope you enjoyed this post of a few real ghost stories — maybe there weren’t any real ghosts . . . but it does fit the broad definition.

Thanks for stopping by!!


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