I was at my local garden supply center getting things together for my garden. I met a woman there who was telling me all about the rodent problem she was having in her home. Quite frankly the thought was a bit disgusting to me, but it did get me thinking. I’ve seen Victor products all of my life, but I never stopped to think about it. Whenever there was an unwanted guest that took up residence, I had someone to take care of it, but now, it’s time for me to educate myself about rodents that come and decide to stay. Well, there’s no shame in attracting one. If you have pets, they like the pet food. The important thing is to get rid of it/them as soon and as humane as possible.

There are plenty of traps on the market and people have become very clever in their way of ridding their lives of rodents. You need to keep in mind the safety of other family members — yes, that includes pets. You also need to realize that these rodents are very clever. Some traps just don’t work as well as others. When it comes to being humane, the quicker the better. So I got investigating the various traps and I found one that has batteries and zaps the rat in this case with 8500 volts to kill the rat quickly while its munching on the snack you put in the trap. One important key to remember, this trap works, just as others do — it’s the bait. You have to have the right bait. Peanut Butter is suggested, but dog food works and whatever you’ve found the rodent enjoys. That includes nuts, bird seed, grass seed . . . just about anything.

You put 4 C Cell Batteries in the compartment and you’re ready to get that dirty rat that’s been messing up your house with droppings and ripped bags of food. It is economical, one set of batteries will kill 50 rats. Oh good grief, I hope there aren’t 50 rats around here! A green light will indicate you got one! Well, in the case of a rat, you know you got it — the thing is in the trap. This trap looks like a mail box, I like it because you handle the outside. You bait it from the outside and when you see it’s occupied you just turn it off, pick it up and take it to the trash barrel to be emptied.  You don’t need to worry about spring action clips to lift up and release the rat. I don’t want to get up close and person with the dirty thing. Once the trap is empty you check the bait and you’re ready to set it and turn it on for another intruder. You’ll likely make your second kill quicker than the first because your scent won’t be on it — your previous guest will leave hishers.

Here’s a YouTube Video I found informative:

I also know there are sensors that encourage rodents to stay outside the house. That’s wonderful, but if one happened to get in, it’s best to know ya got it and it won’t be getting into stuff again.  But the method is entirely up to you.

Here are other products you may find helpful: 

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