I probably got that wrong . . . Not into horse racing . . .

It does seem to apply to Christmas shoppers.

I have been delighted by the number of sales I’ve made by having one or more of the links clicked . . . Thank you very kindly. I believe many more of you have done the majority of your shopping online. I know I did and everything is wrapped and tucked away.

There is something about being caught up in the Christmas rush madness . . . but I think I’ll stay away from the malls an

d downtown shopping areas. I’ll even refrain from driving by. I would avoid it all, but I do have to do some grocery shopping. I am prepared for the long check-out lines.

I’ll also be filling my car with gas . . . I don’t plan on traveling, but I do want to be able to take a quick trip to the store for any items I discover I forgot.

Yes, indeed this is a busy time of year . . . I’m looking forward to relaxing when it is all said and done.

I’ll work on some crafts and also play some games or put together some jigsaw puzzles. Just a way to kick back and relax. I could watch some DVDs and also read a book. Goodness, there is so very much that I could do . . . after all is said and done.

I’m curious about solo board games.

Dungeon Raiders Board Game by Passport Game Studios, Zombie 15′: Left Alone Solo Campaign Board Game by IELLO, Friday Board Game by Rio Grande Games, Ravingspire: Assault on the Tower of Madness. A Deck-Building, Rotating Dungeon Board Game for 1 to 6 players. Sylvion Board Game by Z-Man Games, and Q-Bitz Solo: Magenta Edition by MindWare.

Do any of these catch your attention? They all have promise, but I was looking for something that would be fun . . . and light . . . maybe even silly.

Mohawkz — Dinosaur Edition — Family Game with 8 Bouncing Mohawk Balls and 2 Target Ramps — Educational Fun for Kids and Adults (8 years and up) by Rooster Fin.

I think this may be exactly what I’m wanting.

  • It is educational in that it is a fast-paced skill game that helps improve motor skills and hand-eye-coordination.
  • It’s suitable for all ages — kids, teens, college students, parents, grandparents, etc.
  • It’s fun!!!
  • Great for family game night, parties vacations, makes a great gift and to play solo when you just want to relax for a moment or two.
  • Excellent re-playability . . . no game is alike . . .

The object of the game is to bounce the balls, one at a time, towards the target. The best bounce wins.

RoosterFin games are created by teachers. They are simple to learn and great for the whole family. Joe, the owner, has a gift in understanding how math applies to games. He has created award-winning games and is devoting his full attention to making great games.

Here’s a video:

Hummmmm, I may want something a bit more challenging . . . I’ll need to give some of the other games a closer look.

Sylvion looks promising. It is a strategy game that can be played solo.

I’m excited about this game although I hate fires . . . but rebuilding the forest has some great promise . . . Yes, let’s continue watching:

Oh my goodness!!! I’m thinking the Mohawkz has some promise, but I’m getting into this strategy of wiping out the fires.

Well, I’ve taken up quite a bit of your time. I do hope these videos were informative and gave you an idea of what Mohawkz and Sylvion are all about. These two solo games can also be played with others which makes it a great choice when buying games for your family game night.

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .

Thanks for stopping by!