It’s just been a handful of years ago that I went from desk top to tap top . . . Now, tablets!!!

I do have a Kindle!!!laptop

When it comes to all the greatest and latest . . . I’m way behind. Yet, I do have an open mind about all this . . . and tablets do have their place in the household of gizmos. I finally decided a cell phone was a necessity . . . but you can’t go by my lack of enthusiasm about electronic stuff. But, I am delighted with WiFi in my home . . . it makes it so convenient for using my laptop and getting the printer to print things out without manually going to it . . . except for keeping the ink levels up and having paper . . . I’m wondering how they’ll make that happen . . . robots?

I was talking with my cousin a few weeks ago about tablets . . . but my eyes glazed over . . . So, today I’ve decided to look into the matter and see what all the fuss is about.

Since I have a laptop, do I need a tablet?

tabletIt depends upon how mobile I want to be.

It’s easier to carry a tablet than a laptop. And, what will I want to do with it while I’m out and about running errands or waiting for an appointment?

I can readily see a tablet is worthwhile. Yet, my laptop will do so much more . . . but will I be researching for my blog or writing my blog while I’m out and about? Most likely not, but I would like to be able to check things out online and maybe even watching a movie while I’m waiting for an appointment.

So, a tablet would come in handy. Also, for playing games . . . that would amuse me.

Yet, do I really need a tablet if I had a smart phone?

I’m going to keep my laptop . . . that’s a necessity with my blog websites.

And, since I decided a cell phone is a necessity . . . I can get a smart phone and do the odd things on it that a tablet would provide . . . and the smart phone can make calls and receive them . . . which a tablet can’t do.

Are tablets on their way out?

It appears so . . . the smart phones are offering so much more. And are much more convenient to carry around.

I’m leaning toward investing in a smart phone over a tablet. And it would benefit other members of the family as well.smartphones

If, I was going to make an investment on an electronic device this year . . . I’d go with a smart phone over a tablet. I could play the odd game and do some research or shopping . . . take pictures and also video something . . . A smart phone has a tablet beat.

I see kids with their smart phones . . . many do YouTube videos with them. They’ve made a business reviewing products and doing their vlogs . . . A smart phone seems to be the answer for what to get the family and each family member this Christmas . . .

Yes, it does come down to what is most practical. I’m finding my laptop to be a necessity . . . and now a smart phone. The tablet thing is just a thing or a step towards a smart phone . . . and I want to avoid that tablet step . . .

All right, smart phones . . . Oh good grief where to begin!!!

It all comes down to price and what one wants it to do. Here are some links to get you moving in the right direction . . . or to make you more confused.

Thanks for stopping by and going through this process with me. You may have been wondering about tablets . . . I hope I’ve helped you.