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There are always holidays anticipated . . . and gone . . . What’s next?

Nothing more in July, then nothing in August . . . unless Back to School is a major concern on your radar and To Do List . . . maybe a vacation is in the works . . . maybe a camping trip or visiting friends and family . . . Labor Day in September . . . Columbus Day in October and of course, Halloween . . . is it too early to go with Halloween? Why am I asking, I’ve been putting in all kinds of Halloween or fall related stuff in here. It does take time to get some projects completed in anticipation of Halloween or any special holiday to you. Some people anticipate Christmas all year round . . . this is their thing . . . just as with any other holiday we find of special significance to us. Some people who find the 4th of July special may be right now planning for next year’s 4th of July bash.

Diva has something to say about the 4th of July:

After the 3 A.M. wake-up call yesterday. The day went pretty normally except for the goodies cooking on the BBQ. I was in great aromas heaven. By the time the boom-booms started up again I was tired and was getting some well deserved nap time. I was right next to Mom the whole time and she told me everything was all right and I was safe and I could rest . . . so I did. I would look to make sure Mom was still there. She was busy working on something, so if she wasn’t concerned, I didn’t need to be either. So I slept while Mom was in charge. All I can say is that the 4th of July is a great day for America. I am an American, too. I was born right here in the good ol’ USA. It’s all about Independence and America’s birthday. I learned about birthdays with my first one just a while back. I got a couple of new toys for my birthday that had napping time with me. So with the great 4th of July celebration, I learned about a new holiday. The best part is Mom and I celebrated it together. If it’s a holiday or just any ol’ day, I’m happy to be with my Mom . . .  . and I know she loves being with me . . . My little lamb has a squeaky inside that needs to be squeaked . . . 


 Maybe I should have changed the caption to read: Did I hear someone mention Halloween?

I suppose it is never too early to work on different craft ideas or to begin thinking about Halloween costumes. That is a big deal. You do need to have a good idea early what you want before you get all confused by the variety of costumes.

Depending upon the weather where you live, warmth and comfort are major factors besides being that something you want to be or your children want to be. I remember as a kid wanting to be comfortable. I didn’t like wearing a mask. I wasn’t too fond of having my head and face covered. Wearing make-up was better than wearing a mask. I liked to be able to see where I was going and I didn’t want to trip on my costume . . . especially going up and down steps. These are important things to think about with your costume selection. Now, if you’re just going to a party and not going trick-or-treating then your selection may be completely different. Sometimes it is fun to get your friends to dress up like you and do some song and dance routine. The Roaring ’20’s flapper costumes are great fun and the hair and make-up you can do. Then you can learn to dance the Charleston and everyone will be joining in the fun, too. I wonder if there are some costumes for that . . . When you get an idea, you have to act on it quickly before it spreads and there are no costumes available.

Well, here are some ideas that you have plenty of time to work out. It’s important to get the right accessories. Definitely food for thought that may lead you in a completely different direction.

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