Have you ever seen someone who seemed a bit out of place?

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve talked to spirits thinking they were real or saw something that really wasn’t there, but I know what I saw.  Well, Janet was working in a nursing home.  Basically she would claim she had seen just about everything and nothing in the realm of the paranormal surprised her. But what she saw one particular day did make her take notice and still gives her an uneasy feeling to this day.

This happened a couple of years ago in a nursing home in northern Alabama, but quite honestly, it could happen anywhere.  And it probably has.

The nursing home was built in the 1960’s and has always been a nursing home. Prior to it being built, it was farmland and had been for years.  Janet had worked at the nursing home for over 25 years when this incident happened.

Janet and a few other coworkers were in the dining room cleaning up one afternoon.

She had just finished cleaning the last table and turned around.  She saw a figure dressed in black:  a black suit, a black cape, wearing a black top hat.  The odd thing was that the figure was either a skeleton or very gaunt.  She remembers besides being dressed all in black, there was a mixture of beige, yellow and gray mixed in there, too.  She did a double-take, but the image was gone.  She mentioned it to one of the other women, on the off chance that she saw it, too.  She hadn’t, but she believed Janet.  The cook commented, “We see strange things all the time. It was just your turn to see something today.”

Seeing something strange was odd enough, but the unsettling part for Janet was that the woman who sat right across from this figure passed away before dinner.  She seemed to be healthy for a nursing home resident.  Her passing was a surprise to the nursing staff and other residents.

Janet is convinced she saw “the grim reaper.” Why she happened to see “him” that particular day, she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t want to see him again.

Quite honestly, Janet was afraid for her own life. It wasn’t that she wasn’t feeling well or had any health issues, it was just the idea that she saw “the grim reaper” and no one else on the staff saw him . . . or admitted to seeing him.

She had seen “shadow people” scurrying about at various times, but nothing like this figure dressed in black.  She had also seen a “lady in white” floating about the hallways and slipping in and out of rooms, maybe making her rounds checking on patients, but none of these sightings foretold of death.

There has been a resident ghost at the nursing home since before Janet started working there.

Many believe it is residual energy. It’s a woman who always would sit outside her door, waiting for the nurse to come to her room to check her temperature and blood pressure.  She had to know, first thing in the morning if she had a temperature and if her blood pressure was normal. It became an obsession with her.  It was something she needed to know before she would dress in the morning or eat breakfast. She insisted it be taken precisely at the same time every morning.  Well, even during her after-life, she’s waiting for her temperature and blood pressure to be taken.

One of the nurses thought it would be interesting to take this ghostly apparition’s temperature and blood pressure, but on several occasions when approaching “it”  . . . “it” vanished.

I suppose one of the ghost nurses needed to accommodate her . . . and there seemed to be ghost nurses hanging around the nursing home, too.

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