Late yesterday afternoon we had a great thunder storm. It sounded like it was right over my house when the rain came peppering down on my roof with the thunderous roar and flashes of lightning. I hadn’t experienced such a hard rain in quite some time. 

My precious Yorkie Diva didn’t know what to make of it. She barked, but soon decided it was best to sit with me and ride it through. 

We did go out to the patio to get a look around. The rain came down so hard and fast, the drain in my patio couldn’t accommodate all the water. There was a big puddle waiting and growing larger as the rain persisted. Diva was content to watch from my arms. We went indoors with a loud clap of thunder — Diva didn’t like it and wanted to be in the comfort of her home and bed, surrounded by her toys.

Yes, I pretty much felt the same way. Indoors with a good book was what I wanted to ride out the thunderstorm raging outside.

I welcomed the storm. We need the rain. I was praying no fires or flooding would mar this blessed event. Moments before the downpour, I heard on the radio that we had a 40% chance of rain Thursday or Friday. Well, as always we have to experience the weather to get an accurate forecast.

It looks like we might be in for an interesting spring.