Month: September 2015

Get Your Fall On With Popcorn Ball Pumpkins

  These Popcorn Ball Pumpkins are flavored with orange jello and decorated with mini Tootsie Roll stems and green leaves you flatten and shape from green fondant. They are excellent for parties — young and old alike enjoy popcorn balls. The kids may enjoy helping you make these little pumpkins. Let’s get this party going! Popcorn Ball Pumpkins Recipe Ingredients: 12 cups of popped popcorn 1 3ounce box of orange flavored Jello 1/2 cup of butter 1/4 cup of corn syrup 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda mini Tootsie Roll candies for the stem green fondant for the leaves Directions:...

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Bleeding Candles

¬†Witches Brew Scented Bleeding Skull Candle by Wicked Wicks The skull is filled with red wax, when lit “bleeds” out the eye sockets. This is truly creepy which makes it perfect as a centerpiece for your Halloween bash. The candles are Flamable and should be set on a flat non-fammable surface. Be sure to trim the wick to no more than 1/4 inch. And be sure to keep the candle away from anything that could catch fire. As always never leave a lit candle unattended. And keep out of reach of children. I know I am full of warnings,...

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Random Thoughts For Fall

My internet and telephone service have been off and on for a week . . . and it may continue until the network server is back in service. I don’t mind the telephone service being off as much as I mind the internet being out. But the ideal situation is to have both services available. You may have noticed I didn’t mention television. I’m one of those rare individuals who has been without television service for 10 years. I think television is wonderful for those who have it and love it. I have just found it isn’t for me....

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Le Creuset Signature French Dutch Oven

It’s always nice to have quality cookware for superior heat distribution. Le Creuset Signature is quality and beauty you can proudly set on your table for serving. This is a huge Dutch Oven that is excellent for large family dinners. I love mine. I can cook to perfection just about everything I put in it. It is important to heat the pot slowly as per the instructions. It is a beautiful piece that I like putting on the table. It’s excellent for stew, soup, casseroles and braising large cuts of meat. I would recommend getting a cook book so...

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Mini Haunted Houses You Can Make

I absolutely love paper crafts. has a new collection of mini haunted houses that are fast and easy to make. The creator Ray O’Bannon has a creepy little tale about this trio of mini houses that stand about 5 inches tall. They can be tucked away nicely in any little area in the house. I believe this would be a wonderful introduction to paper crafts for your youngsters who would love to create this little trio of mini haunted houses that have been abandoned, but remain to decay . . . they do have ghostly visitors who make...

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