Month: November 2016

Are We Into The Christmas Season?

I still have Thanksgiving leftovers!!! Does Black Friday kick off the Christmas Season . . . or when the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone? Or is it when you bring in your Christmas tree? It seems many of us prepare for Christmas throughout the year. There’s that popular Christmas in July thing in which many people participate. And there are always those of us who need to “feel like Christmas” in order to get into the spirit of it. I know some love to do things at the last minute. It’s their thing. And there are those of us who...

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving Day finally arrived and here in Southern California I can hopefully say so has fall!!! I was out and about yesterday wearing my sweatshirt with a hood — it was supposed to be windy, and I like to cover my ears on windy days. I did some shopping . . . parking was a bit of a nightmare . . . but I was able to get some exercise . . . I usually don’t like being in crowds, but there is an energy in the air when preparing for a holiday dinner with family and friends. I’ve...

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Do You Like Mysteries?

A good “whodunit” always intrigues me. It goes back to Nancy Drew for me . . . and the Clue game . . . and then the TV Columbo and Murder She Wrote . . . and then there are movies and older books . . . as well as popular writers today . . . The thing is, the concept of finding a body floating in a pool is a theme that has been used in literature and movies for years . . . There are hundreds of thousands of twists that have been suggested and we may...

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The Letter Writer DVD Review

I watched a DVD the other day that I found interesting enough to review here. It stars Aley Underwood and Bernie Diamond. The DVD was released in 2012. It’s not a new movie, but it’s not all that old . . . I’ve found movies with an inspirational message are actually timeless. This is a heart-warming movie about a man who writes letters to complete strangers. He has quite a natural gift of expressing his thoughts to uplift others. He randomly selects names out of the telephone book . . . and writes one letter daily and also writes...

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Disappointments and Challenges

There is always a degree of apprehension and anxiety when faced with change . . . along with disappointment, discouragement . . . which leads to challenges and looking for the positive . . . For some, there may be a pay off to being unhappy, angry, disappointed . . .  For others, in spite of disappointments, we look for the positive . . . the challenges within ourselves that we must face to accept not getting what we want to something not being what we thought it would be. I was all into the concept of die cuts...

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