Haunted Alcatraz

    I was shocked when Molly and Kevin came into the coffee shop and sat down across from me.

    I was having my coffee and a blueberry muffin while working on my laptop. My ghost hunting friends were busy doing other things and we hadn’t planned to meet at the coffee house. I thought this would be a good time to catch up on my websites.

    Molly and Kevin came to my table, sat down and began talking. No preamble of any kind. It was a bit unnerving for me to have a young couple sit down and begin talking as though they knew me … and I them.

    It was as though I should have know they spent the weekend in San Francisco and took a tour of Alcatraz and the prison.

    Kevin was very precise about mentioning the prison hospital. In particular, the pharmacy. I immediately felt a cold chill run down my spine. There was something in his eyes and demeanor that told me the impact of that tour disturbed him.

    I was immediately drawn into what Kevin had to say. I glanced at his wife Molly who was quietly sipping her coffee.

    Very quietly, Kevin said, “I was touched by something in that room.”

    I turned to Molly, who remained quiet.

    Although there were many on the tour, Kevin insists he wasn’t the only one who felt something. Several cried out, announcing that they had been stabbed. The room became freezing. Many ran for the exists, insisting that some sort of riot was about to take place. They felt an urgency to escape.

    Cell Block D, solitary confinement, was also a place where people felt uncomfortable. There was a sense of hopelessness that disturbed many.

    They heard scuffling of feet throughout the prison, but discounted it, thinking it could be other tourists.

    There was a paranormal investigation group there who were given permission to use their equipment to measure room temperature and set up voice recorders and cameras. Some tried to make contact with entities. Some recorded EVPs, but there were no ghostly apparitions caught on their video cameras. This I found out from other ghost hunters who networked with other ghost hunters to find out who had visited Alcatraz that weekend.

    Molly finally spoke, “I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It wasn’t of this world.”

    I waited for her to explain, but she said nothing more. I wanted to question her, but I knew she would speak when she wanted to share without any prompting from me.

    Quite frankly, I was feeling creeped out by the couple sitting with me. I wanted to bolt out of there.

    Suddenly a college student working on her lapgop shouted, “Stop touching me!” She was sitting near the back wall, quite a distance from us. It was impossible for someone to be behind her, but she looked behind her anyway and waved her hands above her head. She got up and left the coffee shop with all eyes following her out. Molly’s eyes followed something invisible to the rest of us walking out the door, following the college student.

    It became clear to me that something followed Molly and Kevin from Alcatraz.

    Both Kevin and Molly became much more animated and spoke about their trip to San Francisco, but said nothing more about Alcatraz. Whatever possessed them, evidently released them.

    I was worried about the college student who just left. I hadn’t seen her before or since.

    I did ask the barista about her, if he remembered her. He said she was in a few times before her outburst that morning. The few times he walked by her, she would close her laptop so he couldn’t see what she was looking at, then she started sitting with her back to the wall.

    I inquired if she ever came in with friends. The barista couldn’t remember anyone ever sitting with her. She spoke to no one and ordered regular coffee, black.

    A few days later, couple of college students came forward to join the barista and me. “Shelley’s her name,” one said. “She was in my abnormal psych class.”

    “Was?” I inquired.

    “I haven’t seen her since she lost it here that morning.”

    “She was weird,” volunteered her companion.

    “Weird in what way?” I asked.

    He shrugged and said, “Just weird.”

    “She was interested in serial killers. Always wanting to know what made them behave as they did. She studied them constantly. That’s probably what she researched here each morning with her coffee.”

    It seemed to fit that her interest in murderers and the entity that followed Molly and Kevin from Alcatraz could hook up.

    I didn’t say anything to the barista or the young couple about what I was thinking.

    I left the coffee shop and the young couple followed me to my car.

    “I did see her wandering around campus a few days ago, muttering to herself,” he volunteered. “She looked awful, like she hadn’t showered or washed her hair or changed her clothes.”

    The only name I had to go by was Shelley. I tried locating her with the help of friends. 

    I knew she needed professional help.

    It’s unfortunate that there are entities among us that are waiting for a perfect prey to possess. They seem to hitchhike with those who don’t protect themselves with a white light. They can also get into objects and hide out in them. That’s why everyone has to cleanse everything they purchase before bringing it into their house or wherever they’re staying.

    A couple of years later, I heard about Shelley. She frequented the mental ward of the hospital. She knew how to play the system and was usually released after a week. She would show up there monthly. Then, she stopped coming in. Many speculated she finally succeeded in committing suicide, but there were no police reports.

    Upon further investigation, my friends told me she left the area. They contacted others to see if she was in a mental ward of a hospital, but it seems she succeeded in disappearing.

    I haven’t seen Molly or Kevin for years. I don’t know if they’re avoiding me or if the entity is back with them and tormenting them when Shelley seeks help. Or there could be more than one entity.

    I have no desire to visit Alcatraz. There have been many reports that the place is haunted and there are many people who have had scary experiences there.

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    The Story Of Halloween

    This History Channel Documentary I found quite informative and thought it important to share it here.

    Bats, witches … plus traditions and legends that led to our celebration of Halloween.

    I found this documentary very informative and I hope you agree. I especially like the idea of how Halloween is much tamer than in years past. It is a time for children and adults to dress up in costume and go door to door trick-or-treat-ing or going to parties.

    There is definitely something fun about going out after dark . . . and getting a scare or two . . . but it is all in fun without the destructive mischief of the past.

    I also found it interesting how costumes have evolved … They are quite involved … and quite expensive as well …

    Have a safe Halloween with your family and friends.

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    Communicating With Spirits

    I have been communicating with spirits by using candles.

    It started years ago when I was young and living at home with my parents. We had a power outage and my mother lit some candles so we wouldn’t be sitting in the dark. My father took a flashlight out in the garage to find an old lantern or two.

    While he was setting up the lanterns, he spoke of how on the ranch they used these lanterns regularly. The power was always going out on windy or rainy days. He also said that there were spirits around us all the time. If we wanted to communicate with them all we had to do was ask a yes or no question. He started out by asking, “Is anyone here? To answer yes, make the flame grow brighter.”

    We waited and watched. The lantern grew brighter and the flame of the candle on the coffee table got higher.

    “Is there more than one spirit here?” he asked.

    Both flames grew higher.

    “Will you answer some questions for us?”

    Both flames grew higher.

    We had a discussion about our next question. We wanted to know how many spirits were in the room with us. So we started with numbers. Then we wanted to know who was here. Was it a relative or someone who lived in the house or on the property before the current house was built.

    This particular night, there were two spirits — a man and wife. They were not relatives so we had to guess a lot of names. We resorted to the alphabet to narrow down the names for the man and his wife. They were Isabelle and Jacob. They didn’t live in the house or on the property, they had an accident on the property and died there.

    This was enough for my mother. She didn’t want to communicate any more with Isabelle and Jacob. She did say, “I’m sorry what happened to you, but please leave now.”

    My brother asked after a few minutes, “Is anyone there?”

    The flames stayed steady, but we could hear whispering of two women. We weren’t sure if Isabelle was still around or if she left with Jacob or if some other spirits came to join our little communication session.

    I think my mother was more unnerved by the situation than the rest of us. She brought out a battery operated radio and turned it on. She was trying to drown out the whispering we heard earlier.

    It was the eeriest sound … then the front door opened and all the cupboards in the kitchen opened about the same time. We all sat still with our eyes as big as saucers.

    My father got up to investigate. No one was at the front door. He closed all the cupboards in the kitchen, but he did decide to get out some plates and glasses and set them on the kitchen table. He thought some milk and cake would be appropriate to have to settle our nerves.

    My mother moved the candle to the table. My father already set the lantern in the kitchen.

    We were just finishing up our cake and milk when there was a loud knock on the front door.

    “I wonder if it’s Jacob and Isabelle?” my brother whispered to me.

    My father went to answer the door and I was right behind him.

    There was a man carrying a lantern. He said, “I’m just checking to see if you folks are all right.”

    “We’re fine,” my father answered.  He waited for more information before asking, “Do you know how long the power is going to be out?”

    “We’re working on it, but it may take a few hours.”

    My father thanked him for the information and closed and locked the door.

    We had no sooner relocated to the living room when the lights came on.

    At school the next day everyone was talking about the power outage.

    I wasn’t going to volunteer about our ghostly communication and the events of the evening, but Larry wasn’t inhibited at all.

    He spoke about how he and his siblings used the candle to communicate with spirits. He told of the ghost of his grandfather who came to visit.

    This gave Rosemary courage to speak of the events that happened in her house. She said that they lit candles, but didn’t ask questions, but did watch the flame. They heard footsteps walking in the hallway, opening doors to all the bedrooms and opening closets. She and her siblings knew from the sound on the hardwood floors exactly where the spirit was. Later, when they had to go to bed, Rosemary noticed that her dolls were moved and the clothes hanging in the closet were all moved to one side.

    I still didn’t share my experience. I was relieved I didn’t have an actual ghost walking around and moving things.

    Years later I asked my father about that incident. He remembered it clearly.  He admitted that the man who came to the door seemed odd.

    “Do you think it was Jacob?” I asked. I had always wondered if he was looking for help after his accident with Isabelle.

    My father just said he wouldn’t have been surprised. Or it could have been another spirit. The house was on a hill and there were lots of accidents that happened years ago on that road.

    Communicating with candles is not the easiest thing to do. That’s why many people use Ouija or Spirit Boards. It seems the Ouija Boards have been receiving negative comments so people have resorted to Spirit Boards. Perhaps communication with any spirits is frowned on by many regardless of the form.

    I don’t use Ouija or Spirit Boards, but I do use candles. I usually don’t have the patience to communicate for a long time, unless the information I receive is interesting, but it usually isn’t. Spirits like to let me know they are here, but they don’t seem to have anything else to communicate.

    Now, we have Spirit Boxes to help us communicate with spirits. It isn’t always easy, but some spirits do come through clearly if they have something important to communicate.

    It is important to record your sessions with the spirit box so you can replay it over and over again. Some EVPs are difficult to understand while others are quite clear.

    And, with Halloween coming around, it may be good to gather some friends around and do a spirit box session or two.

    From some recent YouTube Videos I’ve watched, it seems October is an excellent month to go ghost hunting … but don’t do it alone … have a group of friends with you — and no horse play. This is serious business and you need to have people around you who take it seriously as well.

    Just this afternoon I heard voices when I took my barrels out to the curb. No one was around, but I did hear talking . . . It could have been neighbors in their back yards, but it didn’t sound like the echo from neighboring yards … It was creepy.

    I just know we’re not alone … there are spirits all around … all of the time …

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    Haunted Museum

    As I was taking my barrels out to the curb in front of my house earlier today, I could hear voices. None of my neighbors seemed to be out … other barrels were out … I couldn’t understand why I was hearing talking. This got me thinking about Mike’s real ghost story when he was working at a museum.

    Art Museums are well known for the portraits and the comments of how the eyes seem to follow you. It does give you an uncomfortable feeling after awhile, but when there is a conversation going on when the room is supposed to be empty adds a whole new dimension to this room of portraits.

    Mike worked at a museum.

    He would conduct tours, but late at night when he was making his rounds to hurry along stragglers he would hear strange sounds. Sometimes there were footsteps echoing along the corridors. Other times he would hear conversations in hushed tones. He tried to make sense of it. He joined one of the security guards one night to make sense out of the sounds he heard.

    Pete, the security guard, was interested in the paranormal. He showed Mike a security recording he found interesting. On Mike’s last tour, there was an apparition of a woman following him. Mike was unaware of her at the time. They went through other tapes and found the same ghostly figure following behind Mike. She appeared in the lobby where the tour started. She would appear in other parts of the museum, too on other days.

    They tried to get a clear picture of who this ghostly woman was, but had no luck.

    After midnight Mike and Pete conducted an experiment with the Ouija Board.

    They wanted to contact this woman to learn who she was and why she was following Mike day after day.

    It took several tries with no results. They decided to call in a professional psychic to hold a séance. They had to get permission and they also had to show the administrators the security tapes of the apparition that followed Mike around. None of the other museum staff seemed to have a ghost attached to them. They did get permission to hold a séance in the museum with a number of staff members and administrators who wanted to participate. Coordinating schedules was a problem, but several months later they were able to get together with the psychic to hold the séance.

    The night of the séance everyone was excited in anticipation of finding out the identity of this ghostly apparition.

    The museum administrator set up a buffet table to allow everyone to eat before or after the séance. There were no alcoholic beverages. This was to allow everyone to relax a little and mingle with the psychic before the séance. It was a nice touch for everyone to be comfortable around each other.

    Before the séance began, there was the faint echo of footsteps and whispering down one of the corridors. They thought there could be more than one ghost haunting the museum.

    During the séance there were many spirits in attendance. Mike’s ghost did appear towards the end. She told of her story of always coming to the museum with her father since she was a little girl and later with him with her children. As time passed and the passing of her father, the growing up of her children and moving away, she would pass the time by visiting the museum from time to time. She was pushed down the steps one day on her way out. She had been in a coma for quite some time from the head trauma and died. She was at the museum trying to find her father — maybe he was there looking for her.

    When asked why she attached herself to Mike, she said she just liked him and wanted to be consistent in her search for her father. She wanted to crossover, but didn’t know how to do so and the other spirits in the museum weren’t interested in helping her.

    It was a beautiful ending to the séance when the psychic was able to bring the father and daughter together and experience her crossing over. The candles flickered and everyone heard her say, “Thank you.”

    I hope you enjoyed this real ghost story and will tell a friend or two to visit TwoCansOnAString.com

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    Haunted Ouija Board

    I don’t use a Ouija board or have one in my home.

    I believe they are a portal to trouble. There are many who agree with me and, of course, there are those who do not. It’s fine to have your own beliefs. Just as we’ve all had our own experiences.

    And, since it is getting close to Halloween, there will be many having parties and a Ouija Board or two will make an appearance … Or it will be hush-hush and some will be invited to “play” after the party.

    Whatever you believe, as I said earlier is your business …

    As you can see from the vintage advertisement, Ouija boards have been around for a long time. It was introduced as a parlor game, as  merely an item to amuse your guests.

    Over the years the Ouija board has been sold in toy stores and occult stores. You can buy them on-line or find them just about everywhere. I’ve seen them in trash barrels and also pitched outside.  I don’t know if someone had a bad experience or they thought it would be funny to have a Ouija board cast out on their front lawn — maybe to see if anyone would take it home.

    And, there have been those who make their own to use . . . I’ve seen them made from pizza boxes and strips of paper . . . shot glasses have been used as the  planchette.

    But … we must now get to our real ghost story …

    Lyle loaned his Ouija Board to a Goth Group from 2009 to 2017.

    When it was returned to him, he believed it was haunted with a variety of spirits. He first recalled hearing noises:  knockings, bells, chimes, scratching, cards being shuffled, nibbling — as a rat chewing on paper, coins being dropped and growls. He also noticed items disappearing and then reappearing in places where he had previously searched.

    He left it on his coffee table since its return and a neighbor reported hearing loud poundings, screams and what she believed was a heavy metal band rehearsing. There were guitar riffs that were repeated over and over again and drum rolls.

    Over time Lyle could feel the presence of someone watching him while he was in bed. He thought it was an old man wearing a hood and by his side as an old woman, also hooded. He also heard what sounded like a chorus of children singing nursery rhymes, but they weren’t any nursery rhymes he remembered. He found the Ouija board would move around and set itself up in other locations. He started experiencing headaches and weakness which made him tired all of the time.

    Lyle eventually threw the Ouija board out in the trash . . . only to have it set up again in his house.

    This made the activity escalate. He would find large blood splotches on the Ouija board. He could feel cold spots in various places around the board. He also thought he saw an ectoplasmic mist coming out of it. He was becoming frightened to have it in his home, but also felt as though he couldn’t get rid of it.

    Lyle never used it, even when he first acquired it. He bought it and loaned it to friends. His original idea was to have it out as a conversation piece. But now, his friends avoided him. They didn’t visit him — nor was he invited to their homes. When he’d see friends at a local bar, restaurant or around town they moved away from him. Even when he’d call out to them, they wouldn’t aciknowledge him, but walk swiftly away. Some old friends told him to leave them alone.

    He was so disgusted with how this Ouija board ruined his life that he burned it. He thought the ashes wouldn’t be able to put themselves back together.

    Everything was going well for a few days until his nephew brought him a Ouija board.

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