Hot Food Delivery Horror Stories

Getting food delivered is a wonderful thing — But what about the one delivering the food . . . Do we know about the delivery person . . . And does the delivery person know anything about what they’re going to find at the home of the delivery . . . It could be a horror story for both parties — wouldn’t you agree?

This Could Be A Dangerous Job

I don’t believe I’d enjoy delivering hot food during late night hours . . . I like the idea that there are people who are brave enough to do such deliveries. It’s unfortunate there are creepy people who are up to no good. 

This should be a warning to those doing deliveries and to those requesting them . . . We do need this service from time to time and as responsible adults we should show respect to these people who are providing this service . . . Try to make their job easier and be grateful.

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Creepy Cemetery Stories

How much of what we associate with cemeteries is from our own imaginations — fed via media, urban legends, folk lore . . . scary movies . . . Perhaps we do want to experience something creepy — even scary . . . 

There’s A Lot Of History One Can Learn From Visiting A Cemetery

I remember visiting a local cemetery and noticing a repeated year on hundreds of headstones. That was a year when there was a flu epidemic. There was another date that coincided with the opening of a hospital for patients with TB. It’s sad so many lost their lives through an illness — but they do have a nice place where they are remembered.

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Paranormal Glitches

I was talking with a friend who told me of a couple of experiences he had where everything was normal . . . and then everyone and everything was abandoned . . . Fortunately for him this was only a short time frame of confusion . . . not so in the story on the video . . .

That’s truly an experience I would not want to have — being only a child . . . Makes one wonder how easy it is to walk into another reality . . . It has to be quite difficult otherwise we’d all have these altered reality stories.

Back to my friend’s story:

It was the last day of school . . .  he was in high school at the time. Everyone was out in front of the school. He forgot something and went back inside the building to get it. When he got outside again, the buses were gone, all the kids were gone — He wasn’t in the building that long to account for the whole place to be empty. Instead of just going home, he decided to go back into the building — maybe something was going on inside . . . Well, there was nothing unusual happening, so he went back outside and the kids were milling about and the buses were all lined up . . .

He didn’t know what to make of it . . . neither did I . . . I believe he made the correct decision to return inside the building rather than going home — maybe he wouldn’t have been able to find his house . . . or another family lived in it . . . Freaks you out a bit doesn’t it?

Have You Had Such An Experience?

Share your personal paranormal glitch experience in the comments. Or your thoughts about the video story or my friend’s personal experience.

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Urban Legends From California

When Does An Urban Legend Become A Ghost Story?

I thought these urban legends were more like ghost stories.  I started thinking about it and concluded that maybe an urban legend has to do with real people who are bnow ghosts. Most urban legends have to do with someone seen on a road or abridge … sometimes in woods … Many urban legends have to do with real people who would harm people stranded at night … or just causing michief.

Tjese stories are about real haunted places with real ghost s … You decide if these are urban legends or ghost stories.

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Haunted Places In California


Ouija Board Stories

Yes, We Know How Potentially Dangerous Ouija Boards Are Or Can Be … But That Doesn’t Stop Our Fascination With Them

To the right there is a video presentation of stories individuals have experienced. I was amazed by the number of people have basements they use for this creepy endeavor … Just the thought of going down in a basement is enough to give me goosebumps … but that’s me and today’s video presentation is about Ouija Boards.

No doubt you have your own stories about Ouija Board encounters. If you’d like, please tell us about them in the comments below. I love a good spooky story!

Enjoy the video and as always I appreceiate that you’ve taken the time to stop on by.


Scary Ouija Board Stories


72 Inch Jack Skellington

This Dapper Pumpkin King Is Poseable … He Doesn’t Talk, But He Is A Great Listener

My goodness … This Jack Skellington could celebrate a movie night with you … He can keep you and your family company at breakfast, lunch and dinner … 

He could be a lot of fun to have around … decorate indoors and out on your porch … He will definitely be noticed!

Click the image to the right and see how he will add to your upcoming holiday celebrations … 

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