47 Hours To Live — A Suspense/Horror Movie On Prime Video

This Is The Perfect Time Of Year To Watch Creepy Scary Movies!

Two teenage girls, searching for thrills and excitement, stumble upon a mysterious game that beckons them into the realm of the supernatural. Intrigued by the promise of an otherworldly experience, they cautiously delve deeper into the website, unaware of the dangerous consequences that await them. As they navigate this dark and eerie realm, their every move becomes a matter of life and death. Will they heed the warnings and escape unscathed, or will they succumb to the sinister forces that lurk within? Embark on this chilling journey, if you dare, and discover the true price of playing with the supernatural.

Life was a lot calmer when I was growing up — yes, we got bored and wanted to scare each other silly, but with the internet and the advanced technology scary can take a completely different level — who really knows what they’re opening themselves up for . . . only time will tell if you decide to watch 47 Hours To Live.

View The Trailer To See If This Movie Is Right For You . . .

What Do You Think? It’s A Creepy Concept And A Scary Reality If You Buy Into It . . .

If you’re a fan of ritual game movies and killer phone apps, this one might be right up your alley. While it doesn’t break new ground, it’s reasonably well done with decent performances all around. Although some story threads felt unresolved, it’s still worth watching if you’re looking to kill an evening. 

There’s a new twist I learned! Imagine using your phone as a mirror for daring incantations like “Bloody Mary.” It may not be a scream-fest, but this movie nails it with its convincing performances. From start to finish, it holds together seamlessly. I was getting nervous and thinking there was something to this curse,

I Thought This Movie Was Worthwhile — The Stormy Weather Added To The Uncomfortable Feeling . . .

That phone game is dangerous — I believe it is real . . . creepy and strange stuff was happening — may have been a coincidence, but I don’t really believe in coincidences. Yes, this was a movie . . . but sometimes movies are based on facts or particial facts. There could be some truth to it — like Ouija Boards — they don’t affect everyone the same . . . But not worth messing with!

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Digging To Death — Horror Movie On Amazon Prime Video

When You Start Digging, You Never Know What You Might Find . . .

While digging a hole for a septic tank in his newly acquired old house, David stumbled upon a shocking and perplexing discovery. Hidden beneath the earth’s surface was a large box containing an astonishing three million dollars and an unfortunate sight—a lifeless body. Now faced with an arduous dilemma, he finds himself torn between the choice of reporting his findings and potentially losing the enticing sum or concealing the money and reburying the unfortunate soul. Only by watching this compelling film will you discover the path he chooses and the consequences that follow.

You’ll Want To See This Trailer

Life Can Present Us With Many Different Twists And Turns

For many of us it could be a very straightforward solution — call the authorities about the body David found in his yard.

As for the money . . . tempting as it may be to keep it, it doesn’t belong to him and could be the reason the dead guy was buried in the yard.

Without giving spoilers — David has a lot on his plate with his job and the mortage on his new place, plus the medication for his daughter . . . His focus needs to be on getting his job promotion and not the issues involved with what he found in the yard.

It wouldn’t be much of a story, if David called the authorities and they took care of the body and the money and he continued on with his landscaping and septic tank projects . . . Or there could be a different turn . . . That’s what is so great about movies — they present one story and we can think of other ways things might have gone . . .

Watch Digging To Death and let me know what you think.

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An Antique Mall

There Is Truly Something About The Halloween Season That Makes Me Nostalgic . . .

I remember back in 2014 when I began this website again that I was truly into the paranormal and all things that go bump in the night. That has not changed . . . although I did set up a new website with a ghost story niche . . . but, of course, with the old content I have I need to share it here . . . and I must share even more . . .especially during this time of year.

I must admit I did get a bit side-tracked by creating a new website . . . One that was originally set up to promote my internet marketing platform of which I am a member and affiliate. As September turned into October . . . things started changing . . . it could be the lifting of the veil between the seen and unseen . . . or an awakening . . . abandoning a concept that was destined to bore me to tears and realize who I am and what is truly important to me . . . 

Earlier this week I came across the Trick Or Treat Tarot which I absolutely had to have. I did purchase it and it was delivered to me that same day. You can find it over at MysticalKey.com

It was this Tarot Deck I consulted and asked about my new website and how I really liked the domain name, but wanted to make it into a niche I would enjoy. And to bring my beloved TwoCansOnAString.com into the mix as well.

An Antique Mall Is Always An Adventure

I find it enjoyable to go to one of our local antique malls with my ghost-hunting friends. They do have an interest in different antiques. I love things to do with candles — wick cutters, snuffers, lighters, etc. Usually in silver.

My friend, Barb will buy just about anything if she has a feeling it is haunted. And over the years she has discovered some very haunted objects — an umbrella stand, a hat rack, an antique desk, oh my the list could go on and on.

Mike goes for antique toys. And he’s also into jewelry and other items that interest him at the moment. He does a lot of reselling online and also has clients who are looking for particular haunted items. I usually don’t ride with him on these ventures. I don’t like sitting in the backseat with an antique item that gives me the creeps.

I’ll usually meet my friends there. This way we are all free to say as long as we like or leave and visit another place. Or just go home with a treasure we found.


I have some old cameras from my uncle. I do love them, but of course, I now go digital rather than film. It suits me because I’m not a great photographer. And with my printer, I can print out the pictures I want or have them on my computer to share on my blogs. But . . . there are times I just can’t resist an old camera or lens . . . There is something about them that fascinates me.

Perhaps it’s the writer in me, or my interest in mysteries and all the “what if” concepts employed by such writers as Stephen King . . . What if there was a picture in the camera? What if the camera would show you the future? Or the past? Or something mysterious you just have to know about . . . These are thoughts that go through my mind. I am curious . . . and very much afraid at times of what I may discover or what my imagination would imagine.

I do have a creepy front bedroom. It used to be my office and now it does have my printer and lots and lots of antique mall treasures . . . and many camera pieces . . .

I Heard My Printer Printing Out Page After Page . . . I Know I Didn’t Engage The Printer . . . 

Years ago, Tim Holtz had a collection of Found Relatives — of course, these were a collection of old photographs Tim collected over the years probably from a variety of different places — perhaps some old family photos as well. It’s a concept I have always found interesting. Even when we go through old photos of true relatives, we don’t necessarily relate to them or see a family resemblance . . . or maybe we do in a “found relative” pack . . . I do find it all quite interesting.

Well, my printer was busy printing out page after page of images . . . some people, it seemed to be on a crowded street with people perhaps waiting for a parade or it just passed or perhaps it was going on . . . I wasn’t sure what I was seeing or why it was significant . . . but I did study the pictures . . .

I set them aside for a while. I needed to clear my mind. I lit a sage stick and let the smoke fill the room and cleanse the pictures and everything . . . 

I decided to leave the house and take a quick walk around the block.

I only walked a couple of houses up from my house when it dawned on me. I knew the street. I remember seeing a newspaper article about it in the library quite a few years ago . . . Someone disappeared . . . it was during a founders day parade or perhaps the 4th of July . . .

I knew she wasn’t abducted, but she and her best friend fled never to be heard from another. Well, the friend did return, but she was where she wanted to be . . . free from her father and the plans he had for her.

I knew there was much more to this story, but the camera and pictures weren’t going to help me. I needed to call Barb and her psychic friend and arrange to have a seance.

This just wasn’t going to be a seance. It was to be a whole event with food and snacks and since it was close to Halloween costumes and decorations and oh my goodness! I needed to call in some other people to make my home into a haunted house set with props and creepy stuff to freak others out . . . Yes, it was way over the top!

The Night Of The Seance Was Especially Creepy — We Even Got Rain . . .

I had no idea a storm was brewing . . . I do know whenever I call for a seance anything can happen . . . And I should be prepared for anything . . . but, of course, I’m not . . . And that creepy figure that was lurking in front of my house was getting on my nerves . . . He would move and stand in the shadows across the street . . . then in the middle of the street then off to the right, then the left . . . as my guests were arriving I didn’t see him . . . but I could sense he was lurking in the shadows . . . somewhere . . .

I was tempted to call off the seance and just have a Halloween party and read Tarot cards . . . Food and beverages would be served and everyone could tell their creepy tales and have quite a wonderful time . . . But . . . I didn’t want to disappoint Barb and her psychic friend . . .

I have to admit that having a seance in my house is quite off-putting. Everyone gets to leave . . . and I’m still here . . . with whatever residue or spiritual energy that could be lingering . . . and I’ve had experiences that more is revealed after everyone is gone . . . and I’m confronted with the truth of what had happened so many years ago . . . I did have a feeling this was going to happen and it had something to do with that figure lurking outside.

The more I thought about it, I decided to invite that lurking whatever in to join us . . . I thought it would be better to face him with the others than alone after everyone was gone . . . Yes, I’m a scardy cat!

We did the smudging and the prayers all in preparation for inviting him in . . . But . . . we were far from prepared . . .


We knew the moment he stepped foot on the steps leading up to the porch . . . It was a cold followed by a hot blast of air that took your breath away and knocked you off your feet. My goodness, the minute you got back on your feet, you were knocked down again. We decided to stay down.

I was scared but also annoyed that an entity would be invited into my house and be so rude. I had a mind to throw him out . . . but I knew I would have been the only one thrown about . . . I was not in control of the situation. I knew we were in serious trouble.

The entity may have been the girl’s father or some remnant of his past demonic associations. That’s the problem with this area is that it was rife with demonic practices. Some tunnels run through the town and into many of the grand mansions on the hill where I live. I’ve heard and seen robed figures chanting as they walked down the street in front of my house . . . It is truly unnerving, but a practice that was quite common during the early 1900s. I remember the first time I heard it and looked out. I was quite surprised by what I saw and was pleased that I was aware of the possibility before I actually experienced it.

There was no doubt what we were dealing with and after it had its fun with us, it did leave and we did have our dinner and our snacks and our seance.

We found that the young girl in her late teens ran away to a convent someplace safe. I’m not quite sure whether she stayed at the convent until her death or she left briefly and then returned. It was unclear and I didn’t want to belabor the point. It was good that what she endured at the hand of her father and the other satanic followers was over once she left.




I’m Still A Bit Creeped Out By The Experience

Barb and the others haven’t invited me to go ghost hunting with them or back to the antique mall . . . Or even for coffee at our favorite spot . . . I didn’t receive an invitation to Barb’s Halloween Party . . . It may take a while for everyone to get over the experience . . . I guess I don’t want to talk about it . . . I do watch for the lurking demon . . . I do wonder if he’s bothering any of the others . . . Could be the reason no one wants me around . . . 

I do thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this personal experience . . . Leave me a comment if you’ve experienced something similar.


Hot Food Delivery Horror Stories

Getting food delivered is a wonderful thing — But what about the one delivering the food . . . Do we know about the delivery person . . . And does the delivery person know anything about what they’re going to find at the home of the delivery . . . It could be a horror story for both parties — wouldn’t you agree?

This Could Be A Dangerous Job

I don’t believe I’d enjoy delivering hot food during late night hours . . . I like the idea that there are people who are brave enough to do such deliveries. It’s unfortunate there are creepy people who are up to no good. 

This should be a warning to those doing deliveries and to those requesting them . . . We do need this service from time to time and as responsible adults we should show respect to these people who are providing this service . . . Try to make their job easier and be grateful.

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Creepy Cemetery Stories

How much of what we associate with cemeteries is from our own imaginations — fed via media, urban legends, folk lore . . . scary movies . . . Perhaps we do want to experience something creepy — even scary . . . 

There’s A Lot Of History One Can Learn From Visiting A Cemetery

I remember visiting a local cemetery and noticing a repeated year on hundreds of headstones. That was a year when there was a flu epidemic. There was another date that coincided with the opening of a hospital for patients with TB. It’s sad so many lost their lives through an illness — but they do have a nice place where they are remembered.

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Paranormal Glitches

I was talking with a friend who told me of a couple of experiences he had where everything was normal . . . and then everyone and everything was abandoned . . . Fortunately for him this was only a short time frame of confusion . . . not so in the story on the video . . .

That’s truly an experience I would not want to have — being only a child . . . Makes one wonder how easy it is to walk into another reality . . . It has to be quite difficult otherwise we’d all have these altered reality stories.

Back to my friend’s story:

It was the last day of school . . .  he was in high school at the time. Everyone was out in front of the school. He forgot something and went back inside the building to get it. When he got outside again, the buses were gone, all the kids were gone — He wasn’t in the building that long to account for the whole place to be empty. Instead of just going home, he decided to go back into the building — maybe something was going on inside . . . Well, there was nothing unusual happening, so he went back outside and the kids were milling about and the buses were all lined up . . .

He didn’t know what to make of it . . . neither did I . . . I believe he made the correct decision to return inside the building rather than going home — maybe he wouldn’t have been able to find his house . . . or another family lived in it . . . Freaks you out a bit doesn’t it?

Have You Had Such An Experience?

Share your personal paranormal glitch experience in the comments. Or your thoughts about the video story or my friend’s personal experience.

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