Halloween Ends — Michael Myers And Laurie Strode Finale

All Good Things Come To A Spine-Chilling Climax!

Halloween franchise fans will undoubtedly feel let down by the so-called “finale” of Michael Myers. Comparing it to the iconic original Michael vs. Laurie movies, it simply doesn’t measure up. As the supposed conclusion of the Halloween franchise, I had anticipated so much more than what was delivered. However, amidst the disappointment, one can’t deny the unwavering brilliance of Jaime Lee Curtis, who once again captivates audiences with her stunning performance. Similarly, the sheriff, although making only a few appearances, leaves a lasting impression. While this may not be the ending we desired, their talent shines through and provides a glimmer of satisfaction within an otherwise lackluster conclusion.

It’s a common struggle for new production teams to put their own twist on a beloved franchise, often missing the mark with what the fans truly desire. That’s where a good horror director steps in, bringing their expertise to create an unforgettable finale that leaves fans satisfied and united, not with torn feelings about the final “end” we got. We deserved an epic conclusion that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Oh, My Goodness! How Many Were There? Could This Really Be The End?

Watch This!

Are You Ready For Some Spoilers?

Somehow amidst the mysteries of Haddonfield, a hidden squirrel nest holds the enigma of Mikey.

An unexpected twist leaves the town amnesiac, a peculiar turn of events that baffles even the most astute observers.

As Laurie seeks solace in a new abode, questions arise about the significance of her move within the confines of Haddonfield.

While the theories of Michael’s possession remain intriguing, they are overlooked in this “finale” that centers around Laurie’s book narration. A tale that leaves us yearning for further interaction with the elusive Michael.

For all the speculation surrounding his invincibility and the inability to truly keep him at bay, a surprising shift occurred, revealing a vulnerable and shattered side we’ve never witnessed before.

Could this be the final chapter of the beloved series? The answer remains unknown. While this movie grants us some closure, there are hints of a potential loophole, teasing the possibility of a new incarnation in the future or perhaps, finally finding peace. Patience is our only course – the future holds the answers we seek.

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Halloween Theme Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles Are Great Family Fun!!

Jigsaw Puzzles are great for all ages — I remember doing them with the adults when I was just a kid. I felt so grown up when I found a piece! It is a relaxing exercise and allows for casual conversation. It helps with observation skills and spatial relationships. Who thought something fun could be educational? And there are a variety of Halloween-themed jigsaw puzzles — some with over 1000 pieces. This would truly be a wonderful challenge for the upcoming Halloween season!

It will definitely give a spooky creepy vibe to your Halloween gathering. It’s an enjoyable way to blend groups of people together — this activity invites engagement on a casual social level.

Unleash the magic within and embark on a captivating adventure with this Vermont Christmas Company Witches’ Brew Jigsaw Puzzle. Prepare to be enchanted as you immerse yourself in hours of bewitching fun, solving this challenging 1000-piece puzzle. Each piece is uniquely shaped, putting your brain to the ultimate test. Share the enchantment with family and friends, as the fully interlocking Halloween puzzles bring the joy of the season to all generations. Take a break from the toil and trouble of daily life, and let this Halloween puzzle whisk you away into a world of relaxation and mental stimulation. Crafted on durable and premium quality board, this 1000-piece puzzle is not only entertaining but also display-worthy art. Every completed piece can be easily mounted and framed, adding a touch of spooky spirit to your decor. Looking for a thoughtful treat without the trick? This Halloween jigsaw puzzle makes perfect presents for the holiday or special occasions. Surprise the puzzle enthusiast in your life with one of these cool and captivating puzzles today.

This is only the beginning of the Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle selection that awaits you! I was completely amazed and enchanted — there is something for every taste — some are scary and others are comical . . . What’s important is that there is the perfect Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle waiting to be ordered by you for your family and friends to enjoy! Just click the picture and you’ll be taken to a secure area where you can purchase or make other selections.

Let’s Take A Look At The Wonderful Halloween Selection Vermont Christmas Company Has To Offer In Their 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles 

I Made My Selection — Little Goblins and Halloween Barn Dance! How About You?

Now that was fun! Vermont Christmas Company has a selection of 550-piece jigsaw puzzles and some that are smaller. I do like their puzzles — the pieces are interlocking and randomly shaped. Each piece is produced on thick, premium quality puzzle board. These puzzles are made with recycled materials. All of these Halloween puzzles are perfect for building anticipation leading up to the holiday.

I hope this post was enjoyable for you. I got caught up in the whole Halloween vibe — the nostalgia thinking about when I was a kid dressing up and going out on All Hallows Eve to see the other neighborhood kids in their costumes and smiling faces in anticipation of the sweet treats we would be collecting. A Halloween Barn Dance does seem like a fun way to spend Halloween — I remember going on a hayride one year. It was cold, but it was fun!

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An Antique Mall

There Is Truly Something About The Halloween Season That Makes Me Nostalgic . . .

I remember back in 2014 when I began this website again that I was truly into the paranormal and all things that go bump in the night. That has not changed . . . although I did set up a new website with a ghost story niche . . . but, of course, with the old content I have I need to share it here . . . and I must share even more . . .especially during this time of year.

I must admit I did get a bit side-tracked by creating a new website . . . One that was originally set up to promote my internet marketing platform of which I am a member and affiliate. As September turned into October . . . things started changing . . . it could be the lifting of the veil between the seen and unseen . . . or an awakening . . . abandoning a concept that was destined to bore me to tears and realize who I am and what is truly important to me . . . 

Earlier this week I came across the Trick Or Treat Tarot which I absolutely had to have. I did purchase it and it was delivered to me that same day. You can find it over at MysticalKey.com

It was this Tarot Deck I consulted and asked about my new website and how I really liked the domain name, but wanted to make it into a niche I would enjoy. And to bring my beloved TwoCansOnAString.com into the mix as well.

An Antique Mall Is Always An Adventure

I find it enjoyable to go to one of our local antique malls with my ghost-hunting friends. They do have an interest in different antiques. I love things to do with candles — wick cutters, snuffers, lighters, etc. Usually in silver.

My friend, Barb will buy just about anything if she has a feeling it is haunted. And over the years she has discovered some very haunted objects — an umbrella stand, a hat rack, an antique desk, oh my the list could go on and on.

Mike goes for antique toys. And he’s also into jewelry and other items that interest him at the moment. He does a lot of reselling online and also has clients who are looking for particular haunted items. I usually don’t ride with him on these ventures. I don’t like sitting in the backseat with an antique item that gives me the creeps.

I’ll usually meet my friends there. This way we are all free to say as long as we like or leave and visit another place. Or just go home with a treasure we found.


I have some old cameras from my uncle. I do love them, but of course, I now go digital rather than film. It suits me because I’m not a great photographer. And with my printer, I can print out the pictures I want or have them on my computer to share on my blogs. But . . . there are times I just can’t resist an old camera or lens . . . There is something about them that fascinates me.

Perhaps it’s the writer in me, or my interest in mysteries and all the “what if” concepts employed by such writers as Stephen King . . . What if there was a picture in the camera? What if the camera would show you the future? Or the past? Or something mysterious you just have to know about . . . These are thoughts that go through my mind. I am curious . . . and very much afraid at times of what I may discover or what my imagination would imagine.

I do have a creepy front bedroom. It used to be my office and now it does have my printer and lots and lots of antique mall treasures . . . and many camera pieces . . .

I Heard My Printer Printing Out Page After Page . . . I Know I Didn’t Engage The Printer . . . 

Years ago, Tim Holtz had a collection of Found Relatives — of course, these were a collection of old photographs Tim collected over the years probably from a variety of different places — perhaps some old family photos as well. It’s a concept I have always found interesting. Even when we go through old photos of true relatives, we don’t necessarily relate to them or see a family resemblance . . . or maybe we do in a “found relative” pack . . . I do find it all quite interesting.

Well, my printer was busy printing out page after page of images . . . some people, it seemed to be on a crowded street with people perhaps waiting for a parade or it just passed or perhaps it was going on . . . I wasn’t sure what I was seeing or why it was significant . . . but I did study the pictures . . .

I set them aside for a while. I needed to clear my mind. I lit a sage stick and let the smoke fill the room and cleanse the pictures and everything . . . 

I decided to leave the house and take a quick walk around the block.

I only walked a couple of houses up from my house when it dawned on me. I knew the street. I remember seeing a newspaper article about it in the library quite a few years ago . . . Someone disappeared . . . it was during a founders day parade or perhaps the 4th of July . . .

I knew she wasn’t abducted, but she and her best friend fled never to be heard from another. Well, the friend did return, but she was where she wanted to be . . . free from her father and the plans he had for her.

I knew there was much more to this story, but the camera and pictures weren’t going to help me. I needed to call Barb and her psychic friend and arrange to have a seance.

This just wasn’t going to be a seance. It was to be a whole event with food and snacks and since it was close to Halloween costumes and decorations and oh my goodness! I needed to call in some other people to make my home into a haunted house set with props and creepy stuff to freak others out . . . Yes, it was way over the top!

The Night Of The Seance Was Especially Creepy — We Even Got Rain . . .

I had no idea a storm was brewing . . . I do know whenever I call for a seance anything can happen . . . And I should be prepared for anything . . . but, of course, I’m not . . . And that creepy figure that was lurking in front of my house was getting on my nerves . . . He would move and stand in the shadows across the street . . . then in the middle of the street then off to the right, then the left . . . as my guests were arriving I didn’t see him . . . but I could sense he was lurking in the shadows . . . somewhere . . .

I was tempted to call off the seance and just have a Halloween party and read Tarot cards . . . Food and beverages would be served and everyone could tell their creepy tales and have quite a wonderful time . . . But . . . I didn’t want to disappoint Barb and her psychic friend . . .

I have to admit that having a seance in my house is quite off-putting. Everyone gets to leave . . . and I’m still here . . . with whatever residue or spiritual energy that could be lingering . . . and I’ve had experiences that more is revealed after everyone is gone . . . and I’m confronted with the truth of what had happened so many years ago . . . I did have a feeling this was going to happen and it had something to do with that figure lurking outside.

The more I thought about it, I decided to invite that lurking whatever in to join us . . . I thought it would be better to face him with the others than alone after everyone was gone . . . Yes, I’m a scardy cat!

We did the smudging and the prayers all in preparation for inviting him in . . . But . . . we were far from prepared . . .


We knew the moment he stepped foot on the steps leading up to the porch . . . It was a cold followed by a hot blast of air that took your breath away and knocked you off your feet. My goodness, the minute you got back on your feet, you were knocked down again. We decided to stay down.

I was scared but also annoyed that an entity would be invited into my house and be so rude. I had a mind to throw him out . . . but I knew I would have been the only one thrown about . . . I was not in control of the situation. I knew we were in serious trouble.

The entity may have been the girl’s father or some remnant of his past demonic associations. That’s the problem with this area is that it was rife with demonic practices. Some tunnels run through the town and into many of the grand mansions on the hill where I live. I’ve heard and seen robed figures chanting as they walked down the street in front of my house . . . It is truly unnerving, but a practice that was quite common during the early 1900s. I remember the first time I heard it and looked out. I was quite surprised by what I saw and was pleased that I was aware of the possibility before I actually experienced it.

There was no doubt what we were dealing with and after it had its fun with us, it did leave and we did have our dinner and our snacks and our seance.

We found that the young girl in her late teens ran away to a convent someplace safe. I’m not quite sure whether she stayed at the convent until her death or she left briefly and then returned. It was unclear and I didn’t want to belabor the point. It was good that what she endured at the hand of her father and the other satanic followers was over once she left.




I’m Still A Bit Creeped Out By The Experience

Barb and the others haven’t invited me to go ghost hunting with them or back to the antique mall . . . Or even for coffee at our favorite spot . . . I didn’t receive an invitation to Barb’s Halloween Party . . . It may take a while for everyone to get over the experience . . . I guess I don’t want to talk about it . . . I do watch for the lurking demon . . . I do wonder if he’s bothering any of the others . . . Could be the reason no one wants me around . . . 

I do thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this personal experience . . . Leave me a comment if you’ve experienced something similar.


What Images Come To Mind When You Hear The Word Halloween?

All Hollows Eve Is My Time Of Year!

The fall season comes around and everyone in my neighborhood is eager to get out and do some major yard decorating — of the scariest and freaky kind with pumpkins and creepy stuff hanging from the trees . . . maybe a graveyard or two . . .

I enjoy going to a Pumpkin Farm and selecting pumpkins for carving. It’s fun if they offer a hay ride and a maze to explore and get lost in . . . And, it is wonderful when people come wearing costumes . . . Yet, not too scary . . . 

It’s good to get a caramel apple to bring in the season. I know a place that has fresh apple cider for our enjoyment as well. There are a lot of activities that many places may offer with all kinds of foods and merchandise you can purchase. I’ve never really been into bobbing for apples . . . but that could have been for an earlier time.

I do enjoy watching pumpkin carving contests. Some people are very clever and creative. It gives me ideas for carving my own.

Two Of My Favorite All Round Halloween Pictures

Trick-Or-Treating Was A Big Deal When I Was A Kid

We didn’t wear our Halloween costumes to school. The big unveiling was that night after dark when the neighborhood seemed to come alive.

I lived close to the curve of the cul-ta-sac and it was a bit frightening to see a huge mass of kids coming up the street towards you. Our streetlights weren’t all that bright. They would cast a shadow beneath it . . . Kind of creepy now that I think of it.

I think what made trick-or-treating so much fun was running around the neighborhood after dark. I know my friends were all about the candy. I thought it was really fun going door to door, ringing doorbells, and having the neighbors answer and greet you. It was kind of cool.

Back then, I don’t remember too many people with elaborate decorations. There were mostly carved pumpkins. But, my focus back then may have not been on Halloween decor. I don’t remember any bats flying around or witches riding on their broomsticks. Now, that would have really been something!

Most of the time when I talk to people about Halloween and trick-or-treating in particular, someone has a story to tell about a creepy house at the end of their street or a few blocks away. Of course, they have to go there. And, of course, the house looks worse in the dark with the shadows and the imaginations of the participants running wild.

In this one story, my brother and his friends were greeted by a creaky old rusted gate that swang slowly in the autumn night air. As they stepped past the gate and before going up the steps to the porch, they heard the crash of trash barrels and the screeching of cats.

Fortunately, I wasn’t there, but if I had been, I would have promptly been about halfway home by the time the others gathered on the front porch.

They did gather on the porch and finally, one of them was elected to ring the doorbell. That sound echoed throughout the interior of the house. As they waited in anticipation, after a while they realized the house was empty and no one was coming to answer the bell.


I Admit The True Story Was Quite A Let-Down

Of course, my brother and his friends, over the years had several variations to this particular haunted house trick-or-treating experience.

My favorite rendition was that the front door was open and with the sound of the doorbell, the door creaked open a bit wider. 

One by one they slowly crept into the dark interior of the house. It had been abandoned for several years. Over time, the place decayed — the smell was awful. They had to be very careful placing one foot in front of the other and not falling through wide gaps in the floor. 

A few of the boys ventured upstairs while a few others decided to make their way back outside and wait on the porch steps.

Years later, I did visit that old house as an adult. It did smell bad and it was a complete disaster inside — the floor was pretty much gone and the stairway had a lot of broken steps. 

I always find it sad to see a beautiful old house go to decay. I imagine there was once a fine family that lived there and thoroughly enjoyed that house. But the weather, neglect, and being unable to afford proper maintenance, the place ended up being condemned and eventually torn down.

Well, I know I do need to work on my trick-or-trick stories and get into the Halloween spirit.

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I Love The Fall/Autumn Weather

We Get Teased Quite A Bit In The Fall With A Few Days Of Cooler Temperatures To Gradually Return To Hot Summer Temperatures … Hopefully This Time It Will Remain Cool

The other night I noticed a neighbor across the street put up some spooky lights … There was a mixture of purple and orange lights that gave the front of their house a creepy spooky feeling. I did not venture out … I had no idea what may be lurking in the bushes …

It is nice to see others are getting into the spirit of the season.


I’ve Been Watching Videos About Hauntings … But Thought Some Halloween Personal Experiences Would Be Of More Interest

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween … dressing up and going from door to door for candy … sometimes staying home and handing out candy … I’ve enjoyed ghost stories, but not the ones where people get hurt …

It’s all right to get scared about an urban legend, as long as it doesn’t have to do with being hacked to death …I’m into the family friendly type of stories where everyone has a good fright or even a creepy feeling … perhaps with a lesson to be learned … 

Enjoy the stories.



Halloween Stories