As I’m writing this it is raining and there is thunder rumbling and grumbling in the background.

I’ve been looking forward to this thunder storm for weeks now . . . and it has finally arrived!!

While writing my previous post, my computer screen went black . . . I was quite concerned about the post I was sharing — hoping it didn’t get lost . . . and also wondering if my laptop went kapoot . . . Fortunately all is well and I’m going to share with you another Real Ghost Story — this one not so close to home . . .

This happened once before when I was writing about a haunted doll . . . so I think it best to stay away from that topic during a thunder storm . . . But what would be of interest to you . . . and fun for me to write about while I’m experiencing this thunder storm.

My precious Yorkie is by my side. She’s not fond of thunder, but she’s all right. As am I, thanks for wondering 🙂

Ray and Brenda moved into a condo which had been built 25 or so years ago, but it was a nice place that is owned by a man who rented it out because he went to live in an assisted living complex.

The condo was rented to a couple who lived there for 5 years — they had no children, but worked at the local hospital and seemed very happy.They moved because they bought a house of their own.

So really, Brenda didn’t seem to have any reason for feeling uncomfortable in the house. The owner was still alive and happy, yet did have some health issues, but nothing to do with the “disturbances” and “uneasiness” Brenda was feeling.

The owner bought it as an investment after the death of his wife. He sold the house he shared with her and their now grown children and wanted to downsize a bit. The eldest son bought the house from his father and he still lives there with his family.

Actually, he was the one Ray and Brenda met when they decided to rent the condo.

So, hearing running and children giggling didn’t seem to fit with the condo environment of the past 25 years.

Of course, Ray didn’t hear any of this and Brenda was beginning to think she was imagining it.

Ray decided to give Brenda a kitten to keep her company while he was at work. The sweet little kitten was named Katie. And, it was Katie who confirmed for Brenda that something strange was indeed happening in the condo.

She noticed how Katie was looking at something behind her … then there was giggling … Katie’s fur puffed out from the top of her head down to her tail . . . I don’t know if Katie was frightened or scared, but something was definitely going on.

One morning while eating breakfast, Ray heard a woman call his name.

He looked up across the table to Brenda, but she was chewing a mouthful of food which immediately assured him that Brenda did not call his name.

He had a similar experience a few days later while he was brushing his teeth — but Brenda was in the laundry room quite a distance from the bathroom.

Once again he shrugged it off — thinking it was someone in an adjoining condo.

Ray stayed home from work one day due to a sinus infection and was trying to sleep when he heard children running and giggling. Every time he looked around, he saw nothing. Brenda had gone shopping and it was just Ray and Katie in the condo — and Katie was curled up sleeping at the foot of the bed.

He decided to watch television in the living room and rest in his recliner.

He was just about ready to doze off when he heard the running feet followed by the giggling . . . but there was something different this time … he saw two little girls running around.

He was startled and said, “How did you get in here?” Who are you?” “What are you doing in my house?”

All was quiet and has remained so …

For Brenda, she was pleased Ray finally confirmed what she knew was happening . . . and she was pleased Ray was able to get rid of the ghost children — along with their mother as well.

I do hope you enjoyed this Real Ghost Story — my thunder storm seems to have moved on … it has stopped raining and I’m not hearing thunder . . .

Thanks for stopping by!