Going Home Again!

Embracing the unexpected twists of life, Harrison Burke’s journey takes an inspiring turn. Losing his job on Wall Street, he returns to his roots, finding solace within his family’s embrace. Now, settled in with his parents, he discovers a new passion as he joins his father’s beloved ice-cream truck business. Amidst the nostalgic chimes and laughter, Harrison rediscovers the true essence of home. Join us on this heartwarming adventure, as we celebrate the beauty of starting anew and cherishing the simple joys of life.

I really enjoy “going home” movies. I know they are usually because of some hardship, but it is a new connection — giving one time to reflect and discover what is truly important.

Themes in so many movies center around youth wanting to leave their hometown and experience something new — college or career — following a dream . . . That’s wonderful, but are our roots important? Should we remember and cherish from where we came or bury it?

Yes, we’ve all had episodes in our lives we would rather forget . . . but it does make us who we are today — either because of it or inspite of it . . .

Anyway, I like to see how these “going back home” movies play out . . . with all the twists, turns, and loop-de-loops!

Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy!

Where You Going To Go When You’re Down On Your Luck?

Harry, a relatable character who learns the valuable lessons of life through hard work, family, and friendship. When faced with adversity, he returns home to his loving and eccentric parents, who guide him with their over-the-top yet genuine advice. Taking on a new venture as an ice cream truck driver, Harry discovers the true essence of America and realizes the emptiness of his previous life in New York. Along his journey, he also recognizes the importance of the ones he left behind, understanding what he lost when he walked away from the captivating Susie.

We’ve all experienced moments like Harry’s, and witnessing his redemption is truly gratifying. If only life unfolded this way more often, reminding us of the power of second chances.

A new perspective clears the air and allows one to view things in a more creative manner forcing one out of their rut. We all need, at times to sit back and take a good look with a fresh vision.

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