Hasbro Gaming Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition

A Harry Potter Edition Of Clue!!

This is truly excellent for all the Harry Potter Fans — combining a great game with your favorite characters!! There’s no murder to solve, but there is a missing student you must find — It kind of feels like a great game of Hide And Seek with all the magical twists you would expect from the Wizarding World of Hogworts . . .

I have quite a few video presentations to share with you — obviously I wanted to learn as much as possible about the game before making a purchase . . . You can click the picture to the left to be taken to where you can order your copy today!

I Truly Couldn’t Pass Up On This Opportunity To Present Another Edition Of Clue — Yes, I Am A Bit Obsessed . . . And For Good Reason . . .

What do you think?

Do you want to learn more? There is more . . .

I’m intrigued . . . I want to see the game in action. 

I do love the way the board changes . . . Let’s see more . . .

Wow! The best way for you to get the true feeling for this game is to get your own copy and play with your family and friends.

I hope you’re as excited about this edition as I am!

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Hasbro Clue Game; Incudes The Ghost Of Mrs. White; Compatible With Alexa (Amazon Exclusive); Mystery Board Game

A Truly Upgraded Edition Of The Classic Board Game Clue

It’s excellent to be able to add another demension onto the beloved board game Clue — Alexa Compatable, but not necessary in order to play the game — You have the Ghost of Mrs. White . . . Depending upon her mood she may help you — will you trust what she says?

Can you outwit your opponents?

Let’s Take A Serious Look At The Game

We have 6 suspects: Mustard, Orchid, Scarlett, Green, Peacock and Plum.

Then we have the 6 weapons: Candlestick, Dagger, Lead Pipe, Revolver, Rope and Wrench.

And 9 locations: Ballroom, Billiard Room, Conservatory, Dining Room, Hall, Kitchen, Library, Lounge and Study.

You gather up your clues as you travel around the board . . . There is the element of luck involved with the roll of the dice . . . I think it all comes down to your deductive thinking and figuring it all out before your opponents.

Are you up to the challenge?

It’s a fun game for ages 8 years and older . . . An excellent family activity you can play anytime.

Check out my previous post for a video of How to Play and click the image above to get your very own copy of this outstanding Mystery Board Game.

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Thinking About “Clue”

Retro Series Clue 1986 Edition Board Game

When I was a kid, summertime meant getting all the neighborhood kids together in the afternoon to meet on the front porch with their favorite board game. I guess our front porch was the largest or the most centrally located for our house to be so designated “board game central” . . . That worked out fine, I was never late to a game 🙂

Years later, in my adult years, I had friends who loved board games and we would get together to play one of their favorites. And one that was front and center quite a bit was none other than Clue. I guess we fancied ourselves as detectives or just liked the idea of figuring out “whodunit”. Win or lose, it was always fun.

Clue — The Movie

The board game was campy and rediculous at times . . . Then there was The Movie . . . It really brought the whole concept to life and I don’t know anyone who didn’t love it.

I’m sure you’ve seen it or heard about it . . . if not, you’re in for a fun evening with friends . . . And pick up the game, too.

Let’s view the trailer.

Once you’ve seen the movie . . . or played the game, you’ll want to get to know the characters a bit better . . . I know people who relate to the different characters as their alter-ego . . . I know I do have some strange friends.

Let’s take a look at playing the game of Clue.


Well, there you have it . . . everything you could possibly need to know about Clue . . . Except if you and your family would enjoy the game . . .

There’s only one way to find out . . . A family game night is a great thing to get the family together without all the electronic devices. It’s a good time to have family time and to work together in playing a game, putting together a jigsaw puzzle or just sitting and talking or enjoying a movie . . . 

I do hope you’ll check out the game and the movie . . . click one of the links above or go off on your own with one of the links below.

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Hawaiiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine

Hawaiiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine

Perfect for Easter Entertaining, Pool Parties And Summer Family Fun! On a warm spring and summer day, we all want to have something refreshing to cool down naturally and in a most healthy way. You can add a favorite fruit to blend in with your delicious icy treat! If you have ice, you can make a snow cone!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine is advertised as Kid-Friendly, but I would recommmend adult supervision. Goodness! I need adult supervision when I’m in the kitchen!

I Hope You’re Not Expecting A Big Sales Pitch

Click the image above and you can place your order or get more information. You know whether an ice shaving machine is something you want for your family. I’m sure you can find additional uses for shaved ice than snow cones. It can be added to all different drinks.

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Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

An Electric Egg Cooker Is My Dream Come True!

Have you discovered the perfect formula for cooking hard boiled eggs? If you have I congratulate you whole-heartedly. It is still hit or miss with me. So, this electric egg cooker is a “must have” in my kitchen. It not only hard boils eggs, but you can also use this cooker to make poached eggs, scrambled eggs or omelets. You can even get fancy with your egg preparation. A small recipe book is included with your purchase.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is backed by a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty and includes a Poaching Tray, Omelet Tray, 6 Egg Holder Tray, Measuring Cup, Recipe Book and Recipe Database Access. All Non-Electric Parts are Dishwasher Safe.

With Easter on the way, you can cook up to 6 eggs in soft, medium or hard boiled firmness. You’ll be saving time and water. Your eggs will consistently turn out perfect — and the shells will peel off easily. You’ll be able to spend valuable time with your family decorating the eggs instead of cooking them!

This is the absolute perfect appliance for you and everyone in your family — I know how it is with your busy schedules, you want your food hot and ready within minutes — hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, individual omelets,  all within minutes of the push start button. And clean up is easy, too!

Click the image above, place your order and the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker will be delivered to you in no time at all!!

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NATITI Jigsaw Wooden Puzzles for Adults and Kids

A Perfect Family Project

Thinking of fun, yet educational gifts to put in your children’s Easter baskets? Something the whole family can enjoy are wooden jigsaw puzzles by NATITI. They are great for children and adults. They are fun and challenging. The one I chose is a dragon. You may prefer a different one for your family . . . or buy several.

These wooden puzzles are great for stress relief and educational to teach problem solving, thinking skills, patience and concentration. Something of value for young and old alike.

Especially during a holiday season, it is fun to have gifts the whole family can enjoy and share. Family events are always fun — make every activity a family event!

Have fun!

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