Happy American Independence Day!

    Today is a beautiful day to celebrate and remember the long hard struggle for independence.

    This read-a-loud book may be helpful for you to share with your family.

    We celebrate this day with parades and fireworks. We, as a nation eat millions of hot dogs and hamburgers, wave the American flag and decorate with red, white and blue banners, streamers and bunting. It is a colorful sight to behold.

    I plan to sit out on my patio to watch the fireworks from the city park. I have my American flag waving proudly in the nice breeze of the day out in front of my house. A BBQ is in order with family and friends gathering. It is a day of celebration. And, a day of reflection . . . what freedom means . . . it is different for many people. And, today as in the days of our founding, not everyone agreed . . . but it was necessary to come together, to cooperate and compromise in order to make this new nation — The United States of America.

    Be safe this 4th of July!


    Patriotic Pinwheel Free Printable

    We’re getting closer to the 4th of July!

    I’m going to put my flag out early this year so it can proudly wave in the summer breeze.4thofJulyPinwheel

    We’re in our hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer. It is warm — some days downright hot . . . but it is summer and we love the slower pace of things . . . except for the traffic. Everyone is out and about — some still working while others are deciding on the right spot to vacation. There are those who have gotten their backyards together for BBQs and summer entertaining.

    You can make several of these pinwheels and place them throughout your yard. They’re an easy way to get red, white and blue colorfully displayed.

    Just click the picture to the right and you’ll be taken to the PDF to print out.

    These work well using a pin and pushing the pin into a pencil eraser. If you want a longer stick, it is suggested that you put a pencil eraser on the top of the stick and push the pin into it. Adding a little bead between the back of the paper and the eraser gives a bit of freedom to the paper pinwheel allowing it to spin easier.

    These are colorful and look nice in the flower beds, too.

    These are great to make and set out on all patriotic holidays. It’s a nice way of showing America’s colors.

    The most important thing to me is sharing time with family and friends. We are truly blessed in so many ways . . . it’s a nice time to reflect upon our many blessings while watching the firework displays . . . or eating a nice cold slice of watermelon . . . after having a hot dog or hamburger . . . or BBQ ribs . . .

    Don’t forget to make s’mores . . . or whatever your family tradition.

    Be safe!


    4th of July Photo Props

    Whenever there is a holiday and a group of family and friends gather, it’s time to take pictures . . . lots of pictures.

    And having a variety of props for those pictures is a place to begin.

    Then there will be other opportunities to take candid shots throughout the celebration.

    These props are a great way of getting into the spirit of the 4th of July and is a wonderful ice breaker for those camera shy folks who are attending your gala.

    As you can see from the picture, all the props have a stick attached. You can have some great fun with these . . .

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    This should get your American Independence Day celebration off to a colorful patriotic start. There are plenty of other items you can select to decorate your party. Just click any of the picture links above and you can shop to your hearts content.

    It’s always a good idea to get shopping early for the best selection . . . and if you forget anything, you’ll still have time to get it.

    Have fun!


    Have A Safe And Happy 4th of July


    Many of us have been grillin’ and chillin’ feasting on BBQ while others are spending quality time at the beach. This is truly an exciting weekend!

    And now a word from Little Miss Diva:


    Mom and I are talking all about this great 4th of July celebration. This is my first year celebrating this holiday. There will be fireworks with booms and pops. It doesn’t sound like much fun for me, but Mom says we can watch the fireworks in the sky from our patio.

    I think I may like the sky lighting up with beautiful colors, but the booms and the pops may be something I won’t like. The BBQ feasts are quite nice, they do smell yummy . . . and I’m eager to be the official taster. We all have to work together and I’m eager to do what I do best — eat.

    Have a safe and fun 4th of July. And please keep your furry friends safe. 

    Fireworks displayed over the American Flag

    Fireworks displayed over the American Flag

    Yes, have a safe and fun 4th of July!! Keep your kids and pets safe. This is going to be a new experience for my little Diva. It’s my job to keep her safe and feeling secure.

    It’s important that I’m going to be home with her during all the festivities. I want to share this experience with her. Just as we’ve been together during lightning and thunder storms. It’s always nice to have a little furry friend to hold and hug during these nights and days when the weather and celebrations are being heard. It’s important that my little Diva feels secure.

    This is one of those weekends that many have been anticipating for quite some time . . . and it’s finally here!

    Every year we’re told that fireworks are prohibited in our county, but then we see they are being sold . . . and being fired off. So much depends upon my neighbors and how they plan to celebrate this weekend . . . and whether it begins tonight and continues on throughout the weekend. This may be a little difficult to handle and explain to Diva . . . but we’ll play it by ear. I don’t know why noise has to be part of this, but I may be getting old and prefer to have it nice and quiet.

    I’ll leave you with this Patriotic Oreo Pop video:

    Have fun!! Be safe!!

    Summer Has Finally Arrived


    We’re officially into the summer season. I don’t know whether to celebrate or cry . . . it’s not my favorite season because it lasts so very long . . . but I must be grateful for the seasons we do get in Southern California.

    It’s been much cooler today . . . another reason for me to be grateful . . .

    Little Miss Diva has become much more vocal lately . . . I’ll let her guest post on this website now, it’s a risk — I have no idea what’s on her mind . . .

    I have my first birthday coming up in 7 days. I’ve been inspecting all the bags Mom brings in, but nothing interesting like toys and Diva TrDSCN0011_edited-1eats. Well, there was that roast beef . . . maybe Mom will surprise me with some more of that. 

    I think Mom might have some packages in the car she hasn’t brought in yet. I’ve been so good lately . . . well, I do bark when Mom’s working on the computer and talking on the phone . . . but I did bark at the neighbor this morning when he was working in his yard. I’m a good watch dog. I didn’t chase the cat that ran out of the hedge. Mom’s telling me to stay away from cats with a white stripe down their back . . . she called it something else, but I’m remembering the important stuff . . . I just won’t chase cats of any color.

    Wow! I have a whole 7 days to be good.

    It won’t be that difficult . . . I’ll just act cute and Mom will laugh and tell me what a sweet beautiful little girl I am. Yep, I do have my Mom wrapped around my little paw. Mom and  I are going to be taking some “selfies” for Yvette and Diane, Yvette was my first Mom, she took good care of me ever since I was born and Diane took my picture and put them up on her website so my new Mom would see them and fall in love with me. It worked!!!

    All I can really say about my new Mom is that she loves me . . . even though she took me to the vet who is a nice lady, by the way, and I had an operation and my teeth were cleaned and I got a shot in my rump. I didn’t like that shot very much, but the vet did have some tasty treats she gave me. 

    Mom says I’m going to the groomer this week to get all spruced up for my birthday. I don’t know about someone strange messing with my pretty fur. I wouldn’t mind the bath and a little trim, but I don’t know what Mom has in mind or what this groomer person is going to do. It is summer . . . maybe a short cut wouldn’t be too awful, but I’ll have to see . . . and if it doesn’t look good, I’ll have to beg Mom for some clothes and a hat to wear while my pretty fur grows out . . . maybe a pair of sunglasses, too. And absolutely no pictures!!!

    I’m going to go play now. I have some old toys to chew on and toss around . . . then maybe a little nap . . . this guest blogging is a lot of work.

    I do thank Miss Diva for her contribution on this blog post . . . she’s all tuckered out . . .

    Besides little Diva’s birthday, summer brings on the thought of the 4th of July. I do love boxes I can make up for my guests filled with goodies. I found a wonderful website called Wings of Whimsy. There was just the right free printable I was looking for . . . a vintage red, white and blue triangular box. This isn’t the finished picture of it, but these boxes are included in the free printable.

    Wings of Whimsy: Stars N Stripes Pyramid Gift Boxes - free printables for personal use

    You just need to Click Here for the free template.

    Thanks for stopping by!